Hold An Apartment

When placing a hold on an apartment, please contact your leasing professional to determine the correct amount. All holds must be followed with a completed Rental Application within 24 hours.

To pay your hold deposit online, please provide the following information:

On behalf of the Lessor, Red Oak Apartment Homes, Inc. acknowledges receipt of the payment set forth above to be applied to the move-in cost for the apartment set forth above. All applications and required pet documentation (if applicable) must be received within 24 hours of the date the Holding Deposit has been paid. If applications are not received within 24 hours, the Holding Deposit will be forfeited and the apartment will be put back on the market. If Applicant’s rental application is denied for any reason, the Holding Deposit shall be returned upon denial. If Applicant’s application is approved, applicant understands that the Lessor has reserved the apartment for Applicant’s exclusive use. Therefore, Applicant acknowledges that after a period of 48 hours, the payments made shall not be refunded but rather shall compensate the Lessor for the loss of use of the apartment should the Applicant decide not to lease the apartment set forth above. Applicant has 48 hours after holding deposit is made to back out for any reason and receive full refund back.