5 Reasons A Coworking Space Is Perfect For Getting Your Small Business Off the Ground

5 Reasons A Coworking Space Is Perfect For Getting Your Small Business Off the Ground

There may be no better feeling for the owner of a small or startup business than the day the company can finally “grow up,” get out of the basement or home office, and get out into the business world with a space to call home.  But for too many business owners in and around Manchester, the reality of finding, renting, and keeping a permanent workspace can be expensive, time-consuming, and confusing. That’s why there may be no better option for a small business to get off the ground than a space in at Red Oak's Coworking Offices.

Offering an excellent value on a drop-in working space for all kinds of business people, these spaces offer the perfect place for entrepreneurs to get work done, all conveniently located in the heart of Manchester, NH on Hanover Street.

Here’s a look at five ways our Coworking Offices can help push your business to the next level in professionalism, without breaking the bank (or your patience).

1. No more getting roped into long-term contracts

Picture this: your seasonal or short-term contract business is looking for a space to get work done. The catch: you can only guarantee you’ll need the space for a few weeks or months. To your frustration, many of the options available require year-long leases or contracts - meaning you’d have to overpay for space you may not need just a few weeks down the road.

With Red Oak’s Coworking Offices, you get all this and more and you can get it one month at a time. That means no long-term contracts, no getting locked into a space you may not need, and no having to deal with subleases or finding a replacement if your expected timeline is cut short. You pay for exactly the time you need, and not a month more.

2. All the supplies you need to succeed, with none of the stress

Your small business is lean, nimble, and mobile by design - so why tie yourself down to cumbersome utility bills like internet, electricity, or air conditioning if you don’t have to?

For just one simple monthly payment, members of Red Oak's Coworking Offices gain access to all of these amenities, including walk-in high-speed WiFi, lights and power, printer access, a meeting space to catch up with clients, a mailbox with your name on it, and even lockable storage spaces to keep your supplies right where you need them. And because it’s all included in your monthly fee, you won’t pay a dime extra in added fees or seasonal changes - because no small company needs the stress of added bills to get in the way of progress.

3. Work on your hours - Whenever they may be

Not all businesses (or business people) keep the same hours - and for those night owls out there, the frustration of trying to get off-hours work done after dark or early in the morning can be a very real struggle.  Everyone else’s working hours shouldn’t hold your business back from success. As a member of Red Oak’s Coworking Offices, you’ll gain 24/7 access to our secure office spaces to get work done whenever it suits you best - no more waiting until morning for security to unlock the door, and no more being pushed out at 5 o’clock before your work day is done.

4. Success Starts with Surrounding Yourself with other Movers and Shakers

The old saying goes, To achieve success, surround yourself with successful people.” Why not apply that same philosophy to your workspace?  By setting up your workspace in Red Oak’s Coworking Offices, located just upstairs from the Manchester Chamber of Commerce on Hanover Street, you put yourself in the company of some of the city’s - and the region’s - most dedicated and impressive business leaders and entrepreneurs.  Add your name to the mix and start making those valuable connections - something you can’t do as easily when you’re working from a home office.

5. Choose the setup that works best for you

All too often, business owners struggle to find the right size space - whether it’s a cramped office that can barely contain your biggest ideas or a huge space that costs too much compared to what you need.  The benefit of our Red Oak Coworking Offices is that you can choose exactly the amount of room you need, and even expand and move up as your business grows. Flying solo? Grab a walk-in membership and get to work whenever and wherever you’d like. Looking for a bit more room? Consider trading up for a shared office or even a private suite and take your business to the next level at the pace that works best for you.

Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Don’t let your ambitions for your business be constrained by lack of space or exorbitant rent fees. Choose a spot in our convenient, newly-redesigned, and centrally-located Red Oak Coworking Offices and get ready to get your small or growing business out of the basement and into the limelight today!

Red Oak’s Coworking Offices are located at 66 Hanover St., Suite 200, in Manchester, NH.