8 Things Every Strong Independent Woman Should Know How to Do

A recent discussion among friends brought up the question: What is the difference between an independent woman vs. a strong woman. After sharing ideas and experiences we settled on the following definition.

The meaning of a strong independent woman is

Being a strong independent woman means that you are able to find happiness on your own without having to rely on another person or society for validation.  Strong independent women have self-confidence and emotional independence and are able to have healthy relationships with others. It means learning to express who you are at your core, whether you are shy and soft-spoken or loud and assertive. You don’t need to try fitting a certain mold.

With this in mind read on to see what 8 things every strong and independent woman should know how to do.

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How to Do things that Scare you Without Freaking Out

This may come as a shock but you can actually handle a lot more than you think you can. Stay calm and remember that taking time to ponder what should be done may be best course of action.

How to Cook at least three things

You want to be independent so try to learn how to make at least 3 balanced meals that are good for you. This is not only healthy but will save you money too.  Take a cooking class, use the Internet or watch the Food Network.  Just get it done.

How to Stop Complaining about something you are Unhappy With

The cardinal rule here is to quit the complaining and do something about the problem. Seek solutions that will make you happier by letting go of the things or people who you are troubled by.

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How to Stop Hanging out with people you don’t have fun with

Do yourself a favor, being strong means letting go. Join a club or group that does things you like to do. Make new friends there and enjoy a shared interest.

How to Travel and go on Vacation Alone

There are tons of travel companies that feature cool group trips with singles in mind. Hike a mountain, visit wineries, swim with dolphins or learn a new language on one of these trips.

How to Speak Up to Someone Who is Harassing You

Don’t let this happen to you. Feel the empowerment by letting your feelings be known to the person doing the harassing whether it is in public or private. Also know when to stick up for someone else who is being harassed.

How to Ask for a Raise

You should be getting paid what you’re worth. If you are not happy with your situation speak up to your boss or supervisor. They may not be able to do something for you right away but at least they know where you stand. Keep working hard and your next review may show progress.


How to Rent an Apartment

This is a great skill to know how to navigate.  Do your research. Look at lots of locations, know your price range and take some tours. Depend on a reliable apartment rental company to help you with your questions. Be ready to show you have income, good credit and rental history.

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