All Work and No Play Makes Millennials Dull - Connecting with the Granite State

All Work and No Play Makes Millennials Dull - Connecting with the Granite State

My grandmother turned ninety years old last year. She lives by herself in the same house she has lived in for more than six decades. Her family visits her weekly and she does have an elderly neighbor that drives to the store and church every Sunday. Though she sees other people every week, my grandmother is always talking about how lonely she is. It is clear that my family and an octogenarian chauffeur are not enough human connections for her. Come to find out, my grandmother is not alone in her feelings toward being lonely and lack of human contact.

Here in New Hampshire, millennials are feeling the same way when it comes to family and friends. Researchers at StayWorkPlay, a non-profit business that focuses on keeping and bringing back young people to the state, found some shocking statistics when asking millennials how many friends and family lived close by. 53% of those surveyed revealed that they have between 0-3 family members that live close to them, as well as 51% of people reporting the same number of friends close by. These stats are doubly hard-hitting when learning that 30% of all millennials surveyed had thought about or are aggressively pursuing leaving the state, regardless of the number of family and friends nearby.

How to Stay Connected?

At Red Oak Apartment Homes, we are now asking ourselves the question of, “How does one stay connected with old friends and family, while creating new friendships and memorable experiences?” Moreover, in Red Oak’s role in local communities, what can New Hampshire offer in the way of fun experiences that can be the foundation of an enriched life and connections with people that want the same thing?

A quick response would be to point to sports as a way to engage and connect with the outside world. Some of us may be quite a number of years apart from our glory days on the field or court but that doesn’t mean that the days of being on a sports team are over. My Social Sports, a nation-wide organization that creates sports league for every person, has many options for select states across the country. In New Hampshire, there are four different regions of leagues, with about a dozen different sports to choose from. These sports range from outdoor events like softball and kickball, to indoor events like volleyball. Even the casual sports enthusiast can join a Corn Hole League and test their bean bag skills against other Granite Staters. There are fees to join each league/sport so it is not free but the comradery and social experiences that can be gained are priceless.  Not up for joining a about joining an exercise class at the local gym or the Y?

Helping Others as a Way to Connect

Another way to enrich your life could be to also enrich someone else’s. Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire is an outstanding program that has adults mentoring children, ranging from homework help to weekend outings. Helping underserved children has been proven to make a child more confident in the classroom, in general decision making and in overall self-esteem. Being a part of this program allows the adult to schedule fun activities with their, “Little”, meaning that weekends become quickly booked and fun filled. For millennials, this can give the feeling of having that younger brother or sister that may be far away or never had. Plus, the feeling of helping a child and seeing the happy glow on their faces through positive impacts cannot be duplicated. This is definitely something to check out for people who are searching not only for fun things to do but also searching for what makes them happy in life. 

Pets Enrich Our Lives

Pets bring a special connection to people.  They are a faithful and non-judgmental companion and pal.  Many apartment communities welcome pets.  They realize that pets enrich lives, have health benefits to people and are a part of your family.  If you happen to live in a place that does not accept pets maybe you could borrow a pet from a friend and take it for a walk in the park or to a local dog park.  Visiting or volunteering at the local pet shelter is also an option.  You can connect with a pet that really needs your attention and care.  

Keep in Touch with Family and Friends

These are just a few quick examples of how someone could make new connections here in New Hampshire. However, maintaining the connections one already has with their close family and friends are important, too. Options that spring to mind are cooking for any elderly family members, or even an inexpensive bowling night to catchup with friends. Feeling adventurous? Babysit friend’s children so the adults can finally have that well-deserved night on the town. It is important to remember that it does not matter the number of friends and family you have but that you have a support system that is never truly far away.


So, what can New Hampshire offer in the way of fun experiences? How do current and future connections shape our lives where our professional and social worlds intersect? The best way anyone can find out what this state has to offer is to go out and explore it. The Granite State is so much more than what a computer or phone screen can provide.  Need an apartment in New Hampshire?  Let Red Oak Apartment Homes help you find the one that fits your needs perfectly.