Red Oak's Drive to Save Energy in Your Apartment Building

Red Oak's Drive to Save Energy in Your Apartment Building

Over the past few years Red Oak has undertaken some big initiatives to help lower energy costs in our apartment buildings and to save our resident's money in the process.  

We asked Ron Dupont, the President of Red Oak Apartment Homes about the energy saving initiatives that he has been implementing in Red Oak's apartment homes.

His main goal to to help our residents save money and to help the environment.

1. Insulation saves energy and money. Insulation in attic spaces or basement spaces can save our residents because they don't need to put heating or air-conditioning (or more  likely fans) on as much.  This lowers their energy bills. Insulating both walls and attics can save an apartment dweller around $175 every year in heating costs.  It helps fight global warming and climate change. If every home in the northeast  installed  cavity wall and attic insulation CO2 emissions would be cut by 10.8 million tons.

2.  Did you know that Insulation also serves as a resistor to fire?  Insulation is fire resistant.

3.  We have been converting lighting in our hallways, common areas and parking lots to low cost LED fixtures.

4.  We have upgraded and replaced boilers and heating systems in many of our buildings in Manchester and Milford.  The energy savings are passed directly to our residents in the form of lower rental prices and increases.

5.  In our new construction projects in Boscawen and Milford we have employed many energy saving startegies.  These apartments are insulated and sound proofed beyond what the requirements are.  We have added highly rated windows that help with capturing heat in the winter and keeping in the cool air in the summer.   iInstalling cental air and heat in our new buildings to minimize heat and air loss is something that we have done too.    In these locations we have included Energy Star appliances, LED lighting in every apartment, low-flow toilets and electric ranges with high efficiency.  (These ranges take longer to pre-heat, but but by not taxing the appliances to heat up quickly it saves you money.)


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