Birds That Are Good for Apartment Dwellers

Birds that are Good for Apartment Dwellers

You love your pets and your home just wouldn’t be the same without them.  Birds make great pets and apartment dwellers love them. Remember that you may love the delightful sound of their twittering but your neighbors in your apartment building may not share your love for their songs.  We have compiled a list of some birds that are quieter.  Check out our findings to see if there may be a breed of bird that would be just right for you in your apartment home.

Parakeets (Budgies)  Budgies are such wonderful birds that it seems every bird enthusiast has owned at least one. Bred in captivity since the 1800's, they remain popular and common as pets around the world today. Because of their small size, they are easy to keep and care for, making them a wonderful option for children or those that lack the time required to maintain a larger bird. They are a snap to clean up after, inexpensive to feed, and can easily be kept in a small condo or apartment. In spite of their small size, Budgies are big on brains and personality. Many have been taught to whistle tunes and talk, and are just as intelligent as some larger bird species. With proper training and socialization, they can be a delightful addition to most any family.

Cockatiels Sometimes their imitations can be quite convincing! Like all parrots, they relish the times they get to spend with their owners -- they are very social and must be interacted with to remain tame. They should be handled, talked to, and played with every day to ensure their health and happiness. They make a great choice for apartment living. Small, intelligent, and easy to care for, Cockatiels have graced the homes of bird lovers for many years. Their engaging personalities and high trainability have put them near the top of the list of the most popular pet bird species. When cared for properly, Cockatiels can be affectionate and fascinating pets. They are a wonderful species for inexperienced bird owners because of their natural friendly dispositions and curious playfulness. Cockatiels are members of the parrot family, and have the ability to mimic. While it is possible for Cockatiels to learn a few words, most prefer to whistle or sound out noises that they hear in their environment, such as ringing telephones or doorbells.

Finches and Canaries While Canaries aren't really "hands on" birds like budgies or cockatiels, they can be the perfect pet for someone who would like a smaller feathered friend for a companion. Canaries are either bred for color, conformation, or song. Each variety has its obvious strong points, but prospective owners should do research into the species to determine which type is right for their household or apartment. While the Canary's small stature may make them seem like good pets for kids, please be cautioned -- these birds are very fragile and easily frightened, and may not do well in a home with very young children.

Parrotlets  Colorful, charming, and intelligent, Parrotlets have become increasingly popular pets in recent years. Their small size and quiet nature make them an ideal choice for people who live in apartments or condos. Nicknamed "Pocket Parrots" in the pet trade, these tiny birds are in fact the smallest members of the parrot family, and are just as intelligent as many larger species. Some learn to talk quite well, although the species is not especially noted for talking ability. An interesting fact about Parrotlets is that their closest relative is the Amazon Parrot. Although the two species differ greatly in size, owners often report striking similarities between them. While the Parrotlets may be small, they are by no means "low maintenence." While it's true that they are naturally easier to clean up after as compared to larger birds, they to be socialized with and handled daily to keep them tame.

Pionus Parrot White Capped Pionus parrots are beautiful, inquisitive, intelligent birds that can make excellent pets for the right people. However, not everyone is well suited to care for one of these birds, especially considering that they can live for 30 years or more. If you are interested in bringing a White Capped Pionus home, do as much research as you can on the species before doing so. Contact local bird breeders or an aviculture society in your area and speak to people who have experience raising these birds. They will be able to give you important insight on what it's like to live with a White Capped Pionus on a day to day basis, and can help you decide whether or not the White Capped Pionus would be the best choice as your feathered friend.

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