Brrr… Stay Warm this Winter on a Budget

Stay Warm this winter on a Budget

Are you ready for winter?  Here are some tips to Stay Warm this winter on a Budget

While New Hampshire residents may be excited for snowboarding, ice skating, and the holidays, they can also feel the looming dread of shoveling snow, frozen temperatures, and sticker shock from high heating bills. Winter heating can get expensive, and this year will be no exception. WMUR warns that heating costs are rising as temperatures dip lower this year. That’s all the more reason to find some budget-friendly and eco-friendly ways to stay warm in your house or apartment home. Here are some useful tips to stay toasty warm this winter without cranking up your heat:

1) Install a programmable thermostat

This is an inexpensive investment that will pay off big-time. You can get a programmable thermostat for under $50, and installation can take less than an hour. There’s no need to pay to heat your home while you’re not there, so schedule your thermostat to drop lower while you’re out. Live in an apartment? Don’t forget to get permission from your property manager first!

2) Insulate

Keep the warm air in and the draft out by insulating your home - super easy with a window insulator kit. Similar to plastic wrap with double-stick tape, you can fasten it to your windows and use a hairdryer to shrink wrap it in place. This stuff is cheap (grab some at Walmart) and it works great.

3) Clean up a bit & cook something yummy

You may not be all that domestic, but vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing will help you work up a sweat – and have the added benefit of a sparkling clean house or apartment when you’re done. Getting hungry? Your home has a kitchen for a reason! Heat from the stove or oven paired with a warm meal in your belly will definitely help fend off the chills. Invite some friends and family over for bonus points – more people means more body heat! Plus, the friendly company will help keep away the winter blues.

4) Steal someone else’s heat

If your house or apartment isn’t cutting it, get out of the house to someplace that is heated. Head to a friend’s place and chat over hot cocoa or warm cider, or get out to a coffee shop or local library where the heat is running at no cost to you – score! Even better, heading to the gym will generate your own body heat and keep you warm for a while after your workout, too.

5) Cuddle up

Don’t forget the best way to stay warm at night or on a lazy weekend! Cozy up with flannel sheets, lots of blankets, and someone to cuddle with. Whether that’s your pet, your partner, or your kids, body heat and blankets will keep you toasty. We lose the most heat from our feet and our heads, so put on some socks and a hat, too!

6) Save on Electricity

New companies are taking advantage of laws that let you choose a lower cost supplier for your electricity. So what does that mean exactly? PSNH continues to deliver your electricity to your home, so you’ll get the same PSNH electric bill and won’t have to install anything – the only change you’ll notice is the name of the company that supplies the electricity and, of course, a lower rate. Remember, staying warm doesn’t have to break the bank. A little creative thinking and a little investment can go a long way in keeping things warm (and cheap!) when the weather gets cold. 

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