Business Planning 101:  How to Choose a Coworking Office

Business Planning 101:  How to Choose a Coworking Office

There are many locations, office plans and design elements that are popping up as coworking or shared office space in the state of New Hampshire.  Making a good decision about the one that is right for you can be easy if you know what to look for.

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Coworking Space

#1 Location: 

The location of the coworking space should be a very important factor in your decision-making process.  Remember that you will be traveling to this space and your clients will travel there too.  Does the space have easy access to conveniences like cafes, lunch spots or other businesses that you interact with frequently?  When you tour a space look for parking options that are available close by.  Does the space offer a place where you can “lounge” or relax when you want to get away from your desk?  Maybe a walk in the city or a park are important to you.  Consider an office near these amenities if you desire. 

#2 Community: 

Do you want a space that allows you to get lots of concentrated work done, one with leisure activities, programs for learning and expanding your business with networking events or a combination of all of these factors.  These are important to figure out for yourself before you choose a space for your business.  Joining a coworking space means you are joining their community.  Visit the space during work hours so that you can see and feel the vibe that is there. 

#3 Work Environment: 

Shared office spaces are a great way to work cost-effectively without the distractions you may have at home or in a public place.  To help you figure out if a space is good for you to be able to make progress on your projects look carefully at the vibe of the locations that you tour.  Ask about the central air and heat systems and if you can make adjustments to them.  Many spaces have quiet rooms or soundproof phone booths to make a private call or have a video conference.   Take a look at the type of furnishings that are in your office.  Are the chairs comfortable?  Does the space have place to relax, are sit/stand desks an option?  These options can really help you concentrate on work while you are there. 

#4 Amenities: 

Everyone wants to know that the necessary elements for a successful work environment will be included in your coworking experience.  Check to see if Wi-Fi is included, ask if they include coffee, tea and water for you and your clients.   Think about if you need to make copies or scan documents to customers- if so then make sure that a business center is available and affordable.  Look for a plan that is all inclusive and does not charge for a bunch of extras that you don’t even use.

#5 Budget: 

Business owners are always looking at the bottom line.  Look for a coworking office that has reasonable fees and all-inclusive benefits.  Remember that you will not have to pay for insurance, house cleaning services, utilities like heat or electric or Wi-Fi at most shared offices.  Choose a lease length that works for you.  Some places offer month to month lease options that work well if you have a seasonal business or just want to try the program out.  Parking can be a cost factor to consider too.  Check to see if your shared office has a discount on parking.

Manchester, NH’s Best Coworking Offices

Red Oak Coworking Offices arrived on the scene in NH’s largest city in 2018.  During that time membership has been robust and engaged.  The location at the historic Daily Mirror Building at 66 Hanover Street means that clients are in the heart of the business and arts district of the Queen City.  Walking to shops, cafes and City Hall is easy.  This location offers all the best of modern furnishings, high end amenities and low-price points to attract a focused and hard-working clientele.  The month to month lease option, parking options and responsive customer service are additional factors that make this space extra special.  A variety of plans offers everything from daily use options, conference room bookings, shared office spaces, lounge areas and private offices.  A sound-proof phone booth station and kitchen area are popular with clients.  Contact Red Oak for a tour.