City Living- Be Aware

City Living-  Be Aware of your surroundings

City Living-  Be Aware.  Living in the city is fun and exciting!  Here are some tips to think about while you are in your apartment or out and about. Little things you do can make a big impact on how secure you are.  Always follow your gut feelings and develop safety habits when you are out walking or when you are in your apartment.

Be Aware at Your Apartment:

--Always lock your doors and windows before leaving your apartment or going to sleep.

--Check to see who is at the door before you let them in.  Ask for identification from cable workers, phone repair service workers, etc.

--Do not hide a key outside your apartment.  Give a spare key to a trusted neighbor or a nearby friend or relative instead.

--Don't flaunt expensive items that you may own.  Don't boast about new electronics, fine jewelry or expensive appliances to people who you do not know.  Don't post about this on social media.  Do not leave empty boxes from large TV's I-pads or expensive goods in the hallway or the trash outside your apartment door.  This is like advertising for a robbery.

--Keep an eye on who visits your apartment and only let in those you trust.  Theft by friends or neighbors does happen.

Be Aware When Out in the City:

Walking Smart

--Traveling on foot, alone and in the dark is never a good idea.  Never go into an area that may leave you vulnerable to attack.

--Have a destination in mind before walking anywhere.  Walk swiftly and with purpose.  Keep your head up, be aware of your surroundings and do not be texting while walking.

--Watch for people who may be following you.

--Travel in well- lit areas.  Avoid taking shortcuts that will take you down dark alleys or paths.

--Go with someone as often as possible.

--Have your keys out and ready as you walk to your car so that you can get in quickly.  Once you are in your car, lock the doors.

--Think about carrying self-protection devices like a whistle to warn others that you may need help.

--Walking and talking to someone on your cell phone is good only if you keep your focus on your surroundings.  Do not be distracted by the conversation you are having.

Remember that nothing guarantees your safety in the city or your apartment but you can help to minimize the ways you may be a victim of a crime.

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