Corporate Apartments for Short Term Leasing

Business travelers look for corporate housing as an alternative to hotel rooms when they need a place to stay for 3 or more months.    A corporate apartment for short term leasing offers these temporary workers a living space that is perfect for a short term stay. 

These corporate apartments provide remote workers, traveling nurses or other short term renters a place to stay that has all the comforts of home.  It is typically a full sized apartment complete with a full kitchen, living room, private bath, closet space and the amenities that apartment communities have.

What is a Short Term Stay?

A corporate apartment is usually rented for 3 or more months.  The rental rate is all-inclusive which means the apartment home is fully furnished, including utilities and internet.  It permits the renter to utilize the apartment community’s pools, gyms and parking areas.  Many have in-unit washers and dryers or an on-site laundry room.   Pets are often welcome in these types of apartments.  A short term apartment in an urban setting can also allow the renter to take advantage of the cultural and entertainment opportunities in the downtown and usually allows easy access to public transportation, restaurants, public libraries, services like grocery shopping and public health facilities.

What does Fully Furnished Mean?

When a business traveler rents a corporate apartment for a short term stay they can expect to find the furnishings that will make their stay comfortable.  This includes a full furnished living room with couches, chairs, a television set and lamps and tables.  The bedrooms will be fully furnished with linens, pillows, mattress, bed, dressers, night tables and lamps.  The bathrooms will include towels, shower curtains and bath mats.  The kitchen is the heart of a corporate apartment.  Furnished kitchens have all the tableware, cutlery and cooking equipment that you need to prepare meals.  A toaster, coffee maker and hand mixer are included too.  Basically, a corporate client can walk in with a suitcase and a bag of groceries and be all set to relax in their home. 

Who Uses Short Term Corporate Housing?

You will find that business travelers love this kind of housing arrangement.  Their company will usually be paying the rental costs for them.  There are other folks who find these furnished apartments beneficial.  Graduate students who do not want to live in a college dorm,  individuals who are pursuing an internship for a few months,  people who are moving to a new area and want to live there for a short time before making a permanent home or condo purchase and temporary workers who move around as corporate needs dictate.  Sometimes these rentals are helpful to those who are displaced from their homes due to fire or natural disasters.  Traveling nurses are often sent to locations as health needs determine.  They appreciate coming home to a fully furnished apartment home after a long day at work. 

What are the Costs for Corporate Housing?

Corporate Housing for Short Term Stays are typically designed for 3 month or longer stays.  Some companies will also permit workers to rent a corporate apartment for stays of 1-2 months or less.  There is usually a minimum stay but you can expect that a provider of these kinds of apartment homes will allow longer stays as well.  The renter will know that a comfortable place is available to them for as long as they will need it. 

The costs associated with short term housing like this typically range between $120 to $175 per day.    Sometimes a longer stay will help to reduce some of this cost as the rate may change from a daily rate to a monthly one.  Typically the worker’s company will pay the costs for this type of housing.  If an individual is displaced from their permanent home due to natural disaster or fire the insurance company will cover the costs if you have the proper insurance coverage. 

Finding Corporate Short Term Apartments in Manchester New Hampshire

If you are in need of short term corporate housing, are moving to a different city for a few months or you are a traveling nurse; a furnished short term apartment may be just the thing for your housing needs. 

Red Oak Apartment Homes offers one and two bedroom styles that are fully furnished and equipped with all the housewares, linens and parking.  Internet and utilities are included.  Contact Red Oak here.