5 Ways to Customize Your Rental on a Tight Budget!

New England winters are long and hard, and sometimes the only way to turn a frosty frown upside down is to spruce up the look of your pad. However, especially after the holidays, wallets tend to tighten in the long and weary lead up to spring and summer. Don’t let a constricted budget hinder your creativity and need to express yourself!

Money in shape of a house

Red Oak Apartments specializes in variety! We work hard to offer something for everyone and make sure that our residents are given the freedom to express themselves through the spaces they rent. We thought we’d offer some tips on how to really make an apartment your home, especially if you’re on a rigid budget.

Here are five ways you can Customize Your Rental on a Tight Budget

1. Find Creative ways to Maximize Storage Space Lofted storage is a trendy and affordable way to make the most out of your space, especially if you’re in a smaller studio or sharing a one bedroom. Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and initiative to transform vacant flat surfaces above a kitchen cabinet into a visually grabbing storage space. You can try putting your bed up on lifts to gain lots of storage space under neath it.

2. Layer Color Schemes Part of the trouble with winter is that the sky is often grey and gloomy when the clouds aren’t dumping heaps of freezing snow and ice all over the place. Take advantage of the few peaks of sun that shine through the windows by adding a few colorful accents to your apartment. Area rugs and accents are inexpensive ways to bring a little extra light into the space. Rotate your color scheme seasonally, with brighter colors on display in the winter and richer tones utilized in the naturally bright summer months.

3. Hang Unique Artwork Art is good for the soul. Abstract and colorful acrylic and oil-based works can really separate an average apartment from a fantastic one. Displaying art will liven the space and instantly become a talking piece for your friends and visitors. Many street artists and college students sell their work for pennies on the dollar. Some even give it away. Find a good deal and embrace your cultured side. If you want to create something of your own, check out Muse Paint Bar in Manchester, NH.

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4. Paint your Walls Nothing can be more depressing than a plain wall without any pizzazz! Adding some light colors to one or two walls will improve your spirits and lighten up the room. Avoid dark and dominant colors like darker greens, deep blues, browns, and especially black. Remember that you have to paint your walls back to the original color before you move out!

5. Bring in a Floor Lamp Warm and ambient lighting may be just what you need to soften your mood after a long day at the office. Floor lamps and desk lights are great ways to augment control of the lighting in your apartment and are scientifically proven to reduce stress when compared to their fluorescent counterparts.

Ultimately, your apartment is your home. Take the steps to customize your space in a way that reflects your personality. The places we live should reflect the essence we all hold within ourselves and does not always require a major overhaul or massive financial commitment. Use these tips as a starting block to really make your apartment space yours. If you have done something creative to customize your space, we’d love to see it! Get in touch with us on the Red Oak Facebook page

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