Eating Well and Saving Money

Eating Well and Saving Money

Saving Money is on everyone’s mind in this economy.   Here is another installment of our Money Saving Tips from Red Oak Apartment Homes. 

Today we want to focus on buying groceries that will be healthy for you and not break your budget. Be inspired and try to eat better.  It will have health benefits and make you look better too.  Here are some easy ideas to help you get started on this frugal path to healthy eating.  Eating Well and Saving Money doesn't have to be hard to do.

1.) Look for Organics on Sale: This is where most people start when they begin a healthy eating regiment.  Buying Organic only matters if the fruit or vegetable has no skin or an edible skin.   Buying organic bananas, watermelon or pineapples is a waste of money as you always throw away the peel.  Organics that are beneficial are apples, lettuces, tomatoes, pears and peppers to name a few.  Compare the prices between organic and non-organic produce.  If you are going to cut off the skin it might not be worth the extra expense of buying organic.

2.) Don’t be Picky and Shop in the right season: Know when fruits and produce are in season in your region.  This is when they will cost the least amount of money.  Gravitate towards those varieties in season.  Don’t be afraid to try new things when your favorites are out of season.  You may find that your palate will crave new tastes.  Always price match and shop sales when buying at the grocery store.  If you are willing to eat canned or frozen foods you can save a lot.

3.)  Try Big Box Discount Stores: Who needs 5 pounds of grapes or 6 boxes of cereal at once?  You do if it will save money.  You might want to get into a Price Club membership with a friend and then split what you buy.  Large chains like Costco are offering more organic options.  If you know you can eat 10 pounds of potatoes…go ahead and buy them.

4.) Start a Garden: The rewarding experience of producing your own food is a lot of work and some expense up front, but the benefits later in the season are cost effective and delicious.  You can be assured that your food is pesticide free when you are growing it yourself.  Start from seed and watch your benefits grow before your eyes.  When everything ripens at once you can and preserve the food that you can’t consume before it spoils.  Look to YouTube for videos on how to do this on your apartment's patio or balcony.  There are also city plots of land that you can find out about thru the city of Manchester website.  These plots are free but there is usually a waiting list for them.  Sign up early if this is a option you would like to try.

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