Fitness Tips for Apartment Dwellers in Southern New Hampshire

There are many ways that apartment living can actually contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Many apartment communities have fitness centers, swimming pools, workout rooms or beautiful grounds that you can use to get some exercise and to keep fit. There are also many things that you can do on your own to enhance your physical activity.  Here are some fitness tips for apartment dwellers.

In Manchester and Milford NH, Red Oak Apartment Homes has a variety of amenities available to our residents

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Try these day to day activities to help you maximize the amount of exercise you get:

1.  Even if you live in a building with an elevator, always take the stairs. Those trips to the grocery store or getting the garbage out can really add a little workout to your day.

2.  Make more trips whenever possible. If you are going to have to go and get a newspaper and do laundry, break it up into two separate tasks instead of combining them. You’ll get more exercise.

3.  Walk to do errands whenever possible.

4.  Use a bicycle to go on longer errands or to go to work.

4.  Make a vigorous apartment cleaning part of your weekly schedule. Put on some music and really get to it!  It’s amazing how many calories this will burn. 

5.  Rearrange furniture periodically. It will help keep the place looking fresh, and provide you with a little extra exercise.  Be mindful of your neighbors as you do this.  You don’t want to disturb them.

6.  If you have a dog, walk it often. You’ll both be happier and more fit.

It can be easy to amp up an apartment lifestyle to include a bit more activity if you keep in mind the things you do each day and just try to keep moving.   When exercising or doing activities in your apartment always be mindful of your neighbors and their desire for a quiet atmosphere.  

outdoor pool at Red Oak Properties

Amenities to Help You Stay Fit

Use the facilities at your apartment community that will promote being active.  Swimming pools, fitness centers, cardio rooms, tennis courts and outdoor areas are perfect to help you get a fitness routine established.  You may even find some neighbors who would want to join in with you.  This kind of moral support is really motivating.  Live at Sunset Ridge Apartments in Manchester and enjoy a sparkiling outdoor pool, a cardio room and lots of places to walk your pets.  In Milford NH our properties boast an outdoor pool, tennis courts, dog parks, walking trails and beautiful grounds to walk and enjoy physical activity.   Red Oak Apartment Homes has a great selection of apartment styles and locations throughout southern New Hamsphire.  Check out our available apartments here