Greek Food in Manchester

Greek FoodinManchester, NH

Can you get good Greek Food in Manchester?  Absolutely!

Last week the Red Oak Reporter went in search of lunch and landed in a local Greek Restaurant called Athens at 31 Central Street in Manchester.  

It is just a few blocks from our Red Oak Apartment Home office at 289 Pine Street in Manchester. The restaurant was cozy, quiet and the staff was friendly and helpful. 

After reading the menu, I ordered a Greek salad, which also came with a side of bread. Food prices at Athens start at around $7.50 and they offer sit-in and take-out dining.

My partner had the spanikopita.  It was a large portion with rich filling and a crispy crust.  The taste was marvelous.  

Another place for Greek goodies is the Gyro Spot if you are looking for Greek Food in Manchester that is fast and delicious   This restaurant serves only the freshest ingredients and offers take out service too. They are known for their classic Greek gyros, but also have fantastic Greek soups and desserts.  Enjoy Kabobs of lamk on pita bread for a real treat.  You can enjoy your Gyro with a glass of Greek beer if you like.  In the warm weather sit at a table outside to enjoy the city.

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