How to Have a Money Free Weekend!

Happy family

You have worked hard all week and want to have a relaxing time with family and friends but you don’t want to break the bank doing it.  Consider a new trend…A Money Free Weekend. There are lots of ways to do this and we offer a few suggestions that you can enjoy in your apartment or out in the beautiful state of New Hampshire:

Get out of your apartment and explore the neighborhood where you live:  Pack some water and a snack and look for interesting architecture, city parks, and interesting sites like the Merrimack River or historic landmarks.

Play Board Games:  Get out those dusty scrabble boards or cards that are in the bottom of your closet and invite your friends over to have an entertaining evening.  It’s fun if you play a game that you might not even remember how to play or is new to you.

Have a Cupboard Potluck:  You might be amazed to see what ingredients you have that could make a great meal or side dish.  If you invite four friends over you will have a 4 course meal that I’m sure will be delicious.

Visit the library:  It’s free and accessible.  Check out great movies, music and of course magazines and books.  You can do this alone for a relaxing afternoon pastime.

Ride a bike, rollerblade, jog or walk.  It’s a great free exercise and it will get you out and about.  There are many Parks in NH to enjoy this activity.

Get things done:  Make a big list of chores and projects that you want to get organized or completed in your apartment.  You probably have been putting stuff off that you need to do.  Do them all at once.  You will feel totally productive.

You can also check out some podcasts:  You can get hundreds of free podcasts at your fingertips at the iTunes store. Podcasts are great for staying up to date with the latest breaking news, trends and current hot topics. All you have to do is find a podcast that appeals to your interests. If food is your passion The Splendid Table podcast is for you.

These are just a few ideas for fun things to do on your weekend that won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

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