How to Save Money Shopping your Closet

How to Save Money Shopping your Closet

Money is tight for most people right now, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to look great!  Here are some ways to spruce up your wardrobe and not break the bank doing it.  Let us show you how to save money shopping your closet. We have come up with some ideas for you to go shopping in your own closet!

First, clean out your wardrobe, you may discover some outfits that you didn’t even know you had. 

Next, organize your clothing, try separating some of your suits or matching items so that you think about wearing them as separates. Change the way you put a look together to make your wardrobe seem large.   Try wearing a blazer with a skirt or dress instead of the slacks you normally wear it with it. Or wear a belt around your waist with a blouse.

Mix up your patterns and have some fun with colors, bright colors are in right now!

Seamstresses are not just for shortening your hem on your pants, maybe turn a long skirt into a short one. Have your blouse cinched at the sides to show a more form fitting fit.

Bring your broken heeled shoes to the cobbler and have them repaired, they will make them look like new!

Jazz any outfit up with accessories, add a belt, necklace, bracelet or fun colored shoe to brighten up your ensemble.

Try wearing colored or patterned tights and nylons. Something that may have gone out of style a few years ago may have made a comeback, so don’t be quick to donate or throw away your older items.

Get a group of your friends together and have a clothing swap! Each person brings a few items (or a lot) and you each share and swap your items.

This is a great way to go shopping in your best friend’s closet and save tons of money while doing it!

5 More Ways to Save Money on Your Wardrobe

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