How to Save Money on Your Morning Coffee

Let’s admit it!  We all love that cup of coffee or tea to get us going in the morning.  For some it’s the need for a jolt of caffeine to start our day, for others it’s just a soothing warm beverage to nourish us.  No matter what your reason for your cup of Joe it’s a fact that buying it while on the dash can get very expensive.

Here are some morning-coffee money saving tips to keep your wallet happy.

How to Save Money on Your Morning Coffee

Get a Gift Card:

If you absolutely must have your favorite brew at the coffee shop, budget yourself by purchasing a gift card.  This will prevent you from going overboard.  Many companies like Starbucks offer a free cup after so many visits with these cards.  Now that’s a great “perk.”

Make your Coffee at home:

Let’s do the math on this one.  Let’s say you buy a bag of coffee at the grocery store for $6.  This will make about 40 cups of coffee.  Now let’s compare that to the $2 cup of coffee you buy at the coffee shop.  If you do that 40 times the price jumps to $80.  Now that’s real savings.  Grocery stores now carry a huge variety of flavors and blends so you won’t get bored with what you brew at home either.

Buy Whole Beans:

They are a little bit cheaper and they last a lot longer.  If you are a person that only drinks coffee occasionally this will help you avoid stale coffee.  Grinding your whole beans when you are ready to perk also offers a richer flavor and better cup of coffee.

Buy in Bulk:

When it comes to saving money, bigger is better!  When you are buying coffee in bulk, be sure to buy whole beans for a longer shelf life and better flavor. You might consider buying a large quantity and splitting the beans with a friend or relative.  This will help you both to save money.

Coffee Party:

My friend did this and we all had a blast.  One Friday night she invited us over for coffee.  We each had to bring a 1 pound bag of our favorite beans.  We then shared them and discovered some new brands and flavors.  We each left with a 1 cup scoop of 1 or 2 of our favorites.  This saved me from buying multiple 1 pound bags for my apartment.  Now I have a choice of flavors each morning.

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