How to Save When Planning a Wedding

How to Save When Planning a Wedding!  Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life!  Enjoy the music, the flowers, your guests and most importantly you’re soon to be spouse.  The only thing that most people don’t love about weddings is the price tag! We are here to tell you that weddings don’t have to break the bank.  There are ways that you can save money if you are willing to put in a little of your own elbow grease and time. We have put together a few ideas to help you on your wedding journey and to help you save a few extra bucks.

How to Save When Planning a Wedding


There are so many things that you can do yourself when planning your wedding.  Think about your save the date cards and invitations.   These are both items that you can do on your home computer and printer.   Try making your own favors and decorations.  This is a great way to customize your favors to your color scheme and taste.  This is a way that shows your guests you know how to save when planning a wedding.   You might even skip the expense of save the date cards.  Most probably your closest friends and family already know the good news!  They might like a personal save the date heads up by phone or in person.  Cost for that: Zero!

The Venue:

Shopping around for your venue can save money too.   Look at places that are maybe not your typical wedding venues. Look for summer camps, old barns or historical societies.   These all make amazing wedding locations.  There are wonderful finds out there all you have to do is think creatively and make some calls.   There are even some venues that offer full packages, including: DJ, food, flowers, decorations and even the cake!  These usually will save you money.


Disc Jockey your own wedding:

This is a newer trend and very cool!   Think about a “Playlist” reception.   This is where you can put together your own playlist on your I-pod, computer or even your phone and use that for your music. This will save you potentially $1500-$2000 just on a DJ.  Ask a friend to coordinate this on the day of the party to take this job off your hands.


Don’t use real flowers.   Take a look at Pinterest for some great ideas for using jewelry, fabric, lace, twine and burlap to make you bouquets and boutonnieres.   I have seen amazing bouquets made from leaves from trees and twigs found on the ground.   Don’t use flowers for your centerpieces as there are many different unique options that you can do that doesn’t involve flowers.  Try different foods and produce like apples, lemons and limes as centerpiece focal points.   Use your imagination and have stunning show pieces that cost a fraction of the price of real flowers.  This is another way to know how to save when planning a wedding.


Do you have a friend with a good camera?  They may be willing to take photos during your wedding.  You might want to hire a professional for just an hour or two to take formal photos of family members or photos of the ceremony.  Your friend can then concentrate on candid shots before the ceremony and at the reception. These are just a few ideas that can show your how to save when planning a wedding.



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