If you can Work Anywhere, Why are You Living Where You Are?


Companies are announcing that you can work from home for the unforeseeable future.  It has become the new normal for many of us.  85% of employers confirm that productivity has increased in their company because of greater flexibility for their workers.  Remote workers love the ability to be able to arrange their work schedules to fit their lifestyle.  Now these remote workers are able to choose where they want to live and not be tied down to a location that they chose simply because it was close to their work site.

Where to Live while Working from Home

If you can work from anywhere, then why not choose to live where you feel comfortable and happy?  Many folks who come from New England are now gravitating back to their roots.  If you love New Hampshire then coming back to your home state is a great idea for you now.  Remember all the things you enjoyed in New Hampshire growing up.  They are still here, and in many cases they are better than ever.

Choosing a Neighborhood

Choosing a neighborhood that appeals to you is important if you move to NH.  You might like to be in the heart of a downtown setting where there are lots of activities and plenty of restaurants, shops and entertainment choices.  An apartment property like Red Oak at 875 Elm Street in Manchester, NH fits this description.  It is a high rise property with upscale amenities, dog friendly features and wonderful interiors. 

Maybe you are an individual who likes the outskirts or the quiet setting of a suburban location.  A community like Sunset Ridge Apartments in Manchester, The Ridge at Eastern Trails in Milford, NH or Landmark Apartments in Derry, NH.   All these choices are in a great location for commuting to Massachusetts or within the state of New Hampshire.  When you decide to move, think about these options and choose accordingly.

Choosing an Apartment Type

Just as location is a factor in deciding where you live, so is the type of accommodations you choose.  You might like a sleek studio that allows you to just have a place to sleep and relax and has an area for your work desk.  This gives you the freedom to make the city or the neighborhood where you live be your “playground.”  If having a dedicated room for your work space is essential then you could choose a 2 bedroom apartment that allows you to set up a home office.  Some apartment communities has access to shared coworking spaces or are close to business centers with the services that help you work from home. Red Oak has a playlist on the YouTube channel with video tours of great work from home apartments.

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Amenities that Help you Decide Where to Live

If working from home is your new normal, then make sure you choose an apartment that has good wi-fi and cell service.  This is essential to your success.  Do you need business services and office machines?  Then you might like to think about living near a coworking office space that you can use on a select basis when you need it.  In addition you can look for amenities that enhance your lifestyle.  Many apartment communities offer use of pools, patios, grilling areas, pet parks, walking trails or places to ride your bike.  Other amenities that you should think about are the ones in your apartment.  If you like to cook then look for a kitchen that has the space and features you like.  Do you have a large wardrobe?  Then look for lots of closet space.  Are you happier on an upper floor?  Then make sure to ask for an upper level apartment home.  Are you a pet lover?  Then pick a pet friendly apartment community.

Saving Money When you Live Where you Work

If you work from home you are probably already saving money on commuting costs, lunches out and a work wardrobe.  Did you know you can also save if you choose an apartment in New Hampshire rather than in a higher priced region of the country.  New Hampshire is just cosmopolitan enough to have lots of culture and activity, but is also allows for access to technology, nature, the mountains, the ocean and Boston.  Traveling is easy from the Manchester-Boston Airport and road ways are great with easy access to major highways.  Apartment prices are cheaper in New Hampshire and the no sales tax advantage is nothing to sneer at. 

Pick the Right Apartment Company

New Hampshire has many apartment choices and apartment companies.  Red Oak Apartment Homes has a large variety to choose from.  Location, amenities and prices are available that fit every lifestyle.  Apartment locations are in Manchester, Milford, Merrimack, Laconia, Derry, Boscawen and Hooksett.  Owner, Ron Dupont and his dedicated staff are on-site and hands-on every day!   Red Oak has revolutionized the renting process.  We believe that renting an apartment should be easy.  We have instituted processes to make renting innovative.  First and foremost, we never charge a Security Deposit.  A 48 Hour back out policy and a satisfaction guaranteed policy make the rental process stress free. Apartment video tours that you can see anytime are the ultimate in convenience.  If you want to move to the beautiful state of New Hampshire contact Red Oak Apartment Homes.