It’s Maple Sugar Time in New Hampshire!

It’s Maple Sugar Time in New Hampshire!

Did you know that in New Hampshire from Mid-February to Mid-April there are almost 100,000 gallons of maple syrup that are being produced in our state?  The warmer days at this time of year causes the frozen sap in maple trees to thaw.  As it thaws, the sap rises up the tree trunk.  Maple sugar producers know this and they tap into the trees so that when the sap is rising it will flow into their tubes and spouts to be collected.  As the day gets cold again the sap will refreeze until the next warm day when it rises again.  Maple farmers collect this sap and begin the process of boiling it down in an evaporator until it becomes more concentrated and turns into syrup.  It takes about 40-45 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.  Lucky for us there are many opportunities to see this process in action near southern New Hampshire.

Places to See Maple Sugar Being Made in NH

One of our favorites in in Mason NH at Parkers Maple Sugar Barn.  This wonderful place is just 15 minutes from Milford and about 25 minutes from Manchester.  Visiting is a family adventure that will allow you to visit the maple sugar house and see the evaporators in action, talk to the maple sugar farmers and then to have a delicious breakfast of pancakes or waffles with…you guessed it… pure maple syrup.  The property at Parkers includes some trails and even a chance to see a 100-year-old maple tree that is still producing sap.

Take a trip to Chester, NH to Folsom’s Sugar House to visit their quaint sugar house and to sample their maple products.  Have you tried maple candy or powdered maple sugar?  This is where you do just that.  Visiting during the holidays is fun if you catch them at their holiday open house.  This is a family owned business that got started in the 80’s and has grown each year. 

Apartments Near Maple Sugar Businesses

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