It's Maple Sugar Time in NH!


Spring brings the promise of warmer weather, greener grass, flowers and outdoor fun. It also brings Maple Sugar Time to New Hampshire. It's a wonderful process that happens when the nights are cool and the days are warm. When you hear the expression, "the sap is flowing" it might just refer to what's happening in the maple forests in our state. You see, the sap is stored in the roots of the maple trees, as the temperature rises during the day the sap rises up into the trees. As the evening comes and it gets cool, the sap goes back down into the roots. Maple Sugar farmers tap into their trees to catch this sap as it rises and falls. Once the sap has been collected by "sap suckers" it is brought to the barn to be boiled in an evaporator. This boils out the water in the sap and leaves the sweet syrup behind. It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup. The syrup is filtered for impurities, inspected for quality, and then bottled for sale.

Measuring sugar

We are lucky here in New Hampshire as there are Maple Sugar operations going on close to where we live. Apartments in Milford and Manchester are close to Parker's Maple Sugar Barn in Mason, NH. This wonderful place is just 15 minutes from Milford and 35 minutes from Manchester. It's a great family activity that young and old will enjoy.  Tours are given on a regular basis during Sugar season.

Now that's the Red Oak Life!

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