Living with Pets in Your Apartment!

Living With Pets in Your Apartment

Is your dog your Super Hero?  Is your cat your pampered friend?  Here are some tips for living with pets in your apartment.

Part of the Family

Your dog is part of your family and you want to make sure your apartment is going to be a good fit for him or her.  Here are a few things to think about when living with your dog in an apartment.  If you live in an apartment that has a city setting you will want to socialize your pup for the sights and sounds of the city.  Take your dog to busy street corners and to common areas in your building so that he can learn about these spots slowly.  If your building has elevators take your dog in and out during slow times of the day to get him/her used to it.  This will show him/her that elevators are all normal parts of life.  Make sure that your dog has enough opportunities to get out an exercise.  Being cooped up in an apartment all day is tough on your dog.  

Cats make great pets for apartment dwellers.  Cats are well suited to being inside all day.  They can get exercise with toys and gadgets in your apartment. Cats enjoy the opportunity to engage in their instinctive behaviors, such as stalking, pouncing, playing, rolling around, scratching, stretching and sprinting with great bursts of speed and sudden stops. They need the opportunity to engage in these activities daily, whether they live inside or out. Consider getting your cat de-clawed if it will be inside all the time.  Cats like to look outside.  Make sure that you keep your cat safe by restricting access to the balcony on your apartment.  


Choose a Pet Friendly Property

A pet friendly property will have other pet owners living there.  Dog owners always seem to find each other so get ready to introduce yourself.  You can form a group of owners who like to go on outings with their dogs.  They will be a great resource to you with knowledge about local parks, veterinarians or pet sitters they trust.  Your dog will stay mentally sharp with all this interaction with other dogs. 

Introducing new toys to your dog also keeps them alert.  If your dog loves to sniff everything in sight, leave some new scents on items in your apartment such as lavender on his bed or a clean cloth that has been rubbed on a neighbor’s pet.

While small dogs are believed to be better suited to city living, big dogs can be calmer indoors.  The key is to exercise all size dogs.  Keep your pup on a leash at all times to keep him safe.

Red Oak Apartment Homes has several locations that welcome your dogs.  We accept dogs that are less than 25 pounds at our Sunset Ridge location in Manchester and dogs that are up to 100 pounds at our Milford Trails and Eastern Trails locations in Milford.  Our Redstone Apartments also welcome your dogs.  There are not weight restrictions at this property.We do have a pet fee and regulations about certain breed restrictions.  All of these properties have great areas for walking your dog and meeting other dog owners.  We even have  dog parks at our Redstone Apartments in Manchester and at Milford Trails and Eastern Trails properties in Milford, NH.  Cats are welcome at all of our properties.  

Call or text us if you would like information about one of our pet friendly apartment homes. 603-668-8282.