The Lowdown On Manchester Schools

The Lowdown On Manchester Schools

Moving to another city can be a whirlwind of worry and stress for adults. For children, a new home in a new city is like traveling to another world and they are left desperately searching for some sort of normalcy. School can be that outlet for children to learn not only inside the classroom, but also outside, establishing friendships through common interests, like athletics or the arts. Below are a list of schools in the city of Manchester that might be worth considering to move near, or to enroll your little ones.  Many are close to an apartment from Red Oak Apartment Homes.

Public School Options

Green Acres School is one of the premier public elementary schools in the city. It is also home to the Manchester Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Parent involvement is a huge part of the school’s community and there are many activities for students, teachers and parents to all learn and have fun together. Green Acres is proud to be partners with Dartmouth/Hitchcock, which provides students and teachers with learning opportunities and fabulous events. The school is also part of a city-wide basketball league that plays other elementary level teams.

Henry J. McLaughlin Middle School is named after the longtime educator in the Manchester School District. It is highly rated by parents and consistently ranks as the best in the city. From staff participation and a well-managed mission and curriculum, to after schools sports programs, this school is all about helping students reach the next level of learning as prepared as they can be.

Manchester Central High School is the oldest public school in the state and is consistently rated as one of the best in the city. Additionally, it is one of the most diverse in terms of cultural backgrounds in the state, which makes Manchester a very unique school district in New Hampshire. Notable alumni from here are Rene Gagnon, Chip Kelly, Bob Montana and Adam Sandler. Many of our downtown apartments, such as the Opera Block Apartments are in the attendance zone for this school.

Manchester Memorial High School is very well-known for its academics and athletics, where the school has a very prominent hockey and baseball program. In fact, there have been several notable alumni from this school that went on to play Major League Baseball. Manchester Memorial, “values integrity and believe in students potential”, and is shown both on the field and in the classroom. It is also home to the inaugural FIRST robotics competition for high schools, founded by Manchester’s own Dean Kaman. This event is now a national competition featuring some of the top STEM schools.

 Manchester School of Technology is a new high school that focuses on specific career and technical areas. These range from business/marketing, to communications, construction, mechanical and health/human services. The school was originally a vocational school, but also added a four year, full time program in 2012. With their proficiency based curriculum, students can graduate early with the skills that they need to succeed.

McDonough Elementary School has a very diverse student and cultural background. The upper management of the school is focused on the success and betterment of the student body, as well as the school as a whole. It is highly reviewed, with the staff at the school being the top reason alumni and parents enjoy the education that is given there.

Weston Elementary School is an elementary school that focuses on activities and community to teach their students. There is something always going on, from art and music to after school sports. The parent-teacher organization also directs several fundraising activities throughout the year. Sunset Ridge Apartments is nearby this school and would be a great option for any child.

There are many other schools at the Elementary, Middle and High school levels at the Manchester School District that you can check out, whether you are looking for schools in attendance zones or other schools for your children.

Private School Options

If you would rather your children get an independent education, one option you may want to consider is The Derryfield School. It is not a boarding school and there is an application process/tuition that is mandatory, though many families are eligible for financial aid. There is a big emphasis on athletics at this school, as well as academic excellence. The Derryfield School prides itself on teaching beyond the classroom and the mission at the school is to help, “bright, motivated young people to be their best”.  Notable alumni include Sarah Silverman. 

Mount Zion Christian Schools prides itself on having the school community feel more like a family. This is also a private day school but they do provide afterschool care at an additional rate. There is also an after school offering for certain courses if parents wish to learn more about what their child is doing. Traditional classrooms with teachers provided modern practices makes for a more individual learning experience. This is a religious school, so there are morals and Bible teachings being taught there as well. 

Manchester offers a plethora of schooling options all over the city, so that all children can receive the education they need. A committment to education is a priority for city and civic leaders. 

The city is completely invested in the future of our economy, population and the ability to grow technologically and culturally and would be a fantastic place to raise a family.


We will be continuously updating this guide throughout 2019, so visit us frequently for even more in-depth info on living in The Queen City. Get those sandboxes and cups of juice ready, as our next topic will be about some of the best daycares in Manchester!