More Space Tops the List of What Apartment Hunters are Looking for in New Hampshire during the Pandemic

The need for housing in New Hampshire has not changed despite the Pandemic.  We researched what our clients are looking for when searching for a new apartment in New Hampshire during these Covid-19 times.  Many have readjusted their wants and priorities to fit their new lifestyles.  Working from home, eating every meal at home and remote learning have forced individuals to look for more than just four walls for their apartment. 

More Apartment Space is at the Top of the List

More apartment space is what renters want more of.  At the very least, people want a living room that can accommodate a desk for working or schooling.  If their budget allows, an extra bedroom or den is helpful for setting up a work from home office.  This becomes especially important if more than one person is living in the apartment.  A designated work space can save you if your job is dependent on Zoom meetings.  We have all seen those comical videos where pets, guests and kids interrupt meetings.  An apartment community that has great cell phone service and high speed internet availability is essential too. 

Access to the Outdoors During Covid-19 Pandemic

Now that folks are cooped up indoors for work all day, renters are looking for an apartment community with outdoor spaces, access to city parks, walkable neighborhoods and views from their apartment that include nature scenes. Imagine being able to sit on your balcony or at an outdoor patio at your apartment during the Pandemic.  This helps to improve your mood, stimulates thinking and reduces stress.  It’s also a healthy way to take a break from work.  You could walk to a city park with your brown bag lunch every day for a nice break from work or schooling.  These kinds of school/work recesses help keep your mental health strong and improves your attitude and well-being.  Renters are not running to gyms in large numbers these days so an apartment near running tracks or trails is on the “must have” list for many people. 

Social Distancing During the Pandemic is Important

If you live in a large apartment building you want to think about being able to maintain social distancing protocols.  Renters in NH are seeking alternatives to crowded elevators.   If there is an elevator in your building you could opt to take the stairs or wait for the next elevator if one is crowded.  You could also choose an apartment that is on a lower floor to eliminate the need for you to encounter people in this manner.  Renters are looking for a washer/dryer in their apartment to avoid the communal laundry room setting in many apartment communities too.

Some larger apartment communities such as Red Oak at 875 Elm Street offer complimentary resident business offices within the building.  A perfect solution for someone who is seeking more space to accommodate work from home challenges.

Furry Friends are the Newest Amenity for NH Apartment Hunters

Moving into a pet friendly community is a top priority for those looking for their next apartment home.  A pet forces you to take breaks during the day and to get out for walks and fresh air.  Pets help to relieve stress for many.  Apartment communities that offer dog parks, pet play areas and urban spaces for pets are very popular today.    Cats may not need to be exercised like a dog but they are great companions for those who live alone.  Pet friendly living is an essential apartment amenity for many today. 

Finding the Right Apartment Company is Essential to Renters Today

Renters now are looking for a company that is professional and can offer the types of amenities that are discussed in this article.  In southern New Hampshire you can look to Red Oak Apartment Homes to ensure that you find what fits your needs.  Red Oak has been offering quality apartment homes since 1984.  They offer over 1800 apartment homes throughout Manchester, Milford, Merrimack, Hooksett, Derry, Laconia and Boscawen NH.  There are floor plans that can accommodate the space you need and your budget.  Check out their availability here or check out the Red Oak Apartment Home’s website