Office Occupancy in New Hampshire is Booming!  Shared Office Space is the Answer!

Office Occupancy in New Hampshire is Booming!  Shared Office Space is the Answer!

The most recent reports from the NH Association of Realtors indicates that this trend has been strong for all of 2018 and that 2019 and beyond look strong as well.  Many large firms have moved to the region or expanded their facilities.  Commercial office and industrial spaces are now nearing capacity or are full.  Office occupancy rates and associated rents are increasing in nearly every submarket.  The state of New Hampshire also has reported the addition of more than 5,000 professional and business service jobs since January 2018.  Needless to say, business is good here.

The Time is Right for Coworking Office Spaces

This makes the moment ripe for those who are looking to rent office space at a reduced cost to look towards the newest trend. Enter co-working office spaces.  The coworking concept allows small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups and sole proprietors to work in a collaborative and creative environment.  The shared amenities like business equipment, Wi-Fi service, conference rooms, a café and a mailing address are much more cost effective in this kind of set up.

Manchester New Hampshire's Best Coworking Offices

Red Oak Coworking Offices opened in July of 2018.  The response has been positive to this new concept for workers.  The newly imagined space is located right next to the Palace Theatre at 66 Hanover Street in downtown Manchester, NH.  This location is convenient to banks, city hall and restaurants.  It is just minutes to exit 5 from route 293.

The space, which was professionally decorated is full of color, sunlight and the best in modern office furniture. 

Some options that are featured here include:  

-sit/stand coworking desks at some of the stations

-lockable storage space

-a business center

-complimentary stocked coffee bar

-filtered water

-free wi-fi 

-an address on Manchester’s best-known business street 

-air conditioning, heat and electricity are included 

-housekeeping is taken care of and you never have to worry about maintenance

-The space is open 24/7 so your business never has to have down time 

Take a tour and see how this amazing space can help your business to grow.  Call 603-668-8282 for more information or visit us at our website