Practical Tips for Moving with Your Kids

Practical Tips for Moving with Your Kids

Many folks who need to move make the process easy with lots of planning and common-sense strategies to make the job easy.  The need to move from one place to another can be a result of many reasons and events.  Packing up your things and moving is a chore.  Families that are moving have so much stress and work to do in order to put their family in a new place.   Let’s take a look at ways to make the process of moving easier for your children.  There are certain things you should do before, during and after a move-in that can make moving easier on children.

Do Your Research About Moving With Your Children

There are many resources out there about moving if you just take a few minutes to look for them.  The internet is filled with sites that cover many aspects for moving with kids.  Gather ideas to make their move less stressful with some of those resources.  We like this list of 7 Strategies for a Successful Move with Your Children from Redfin.   After scouring the web for info, try talking to your child’s teacher or school counselor about helpful tips for acclimating your child to their new school.  Teachers deal with this every day so they have a lot of tips to share.  Your pediatrician will also have many resources and publications that you can access as well. 

How to Time Telling Your Kids About a Move

Once you decide that it is time to let your kids know about the decision to move, it is best to be honest and direct. Tell your child or children what is happening and that this is going to be a family adventure. Even if you are anxious and worried about the move, it is best to put a brave face on for the little ones so that they can feel safe and know that this move will be a good thing. Once they know about the move, there will be so many questions coming from them. Always answer them honestly. While you are packing up all your belongings, it might be a good idea to get them involved. One way you can do this is by having them pack up any non-fragile items that belong in their room. Any box that is theirs they can even write their name on it or decorate it to their liking.

Moving Day Strategies when Moving With Kids

The actual move itself is the most strenuous day because it is the most jammed packed with activities. Your children may be flustered and confused so it is important to keep talking with them and telling them what is going on. It is a good idea to give you child a job to do once you all get to your new apartment location. Maybe your child has his/her own room in the new apartment you are moving to. If so, they can be in charge of finding all the boxes that belong to them and putting them in their new room, maybe even giving them the independence to arrange their new room will make them feel good.  Have a box just filled with fun activities and games to keep them occupied before there are any other chores for them to do.  At your new home, when everything has settled down, if your child is older you could even give them the choice to make their room look like how they want. This could include a different wall color, furniture or entertainment devices that can make them feel like this space truly is theirs and that it is a great place to unwind and have new friends over. Giving your child responsibilities and certain freedoms can make their work ethic and creativity shine.

Making New Friends After You Move

When the move is all done, it is good to focus on the future for your child. They can still keep in touch with their old friends through social media and online video chatting if that is appropriate for their age and ability, but if your move made the distance between your child’s friends too far away, it is also time to make sure that they can make friends at their new school and/or neighborhood. One way can be asking them if they want to do any extracurricular activities such as sports or an after school program. Being in a social setting can sometimes make children more social.   Try to reach out to the neighbors in your new apartment location. If they have children it may be a good match for your family. 

When it comes to moving with children, it is important to be clear and have them help out as much as they can. Children will need structure and some semblance of order when their home life is being turned upside down. It is also important to think of how your child will cope with a new neighborhood or even a new school system. Always be ready to hear their concerns so that they know they are heard. Once everything goes back to normal, however, it will be great to finally relax in your new place. 

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