Protecting Your Pets When Out in the Cold

Protecting your Pets When Out in the Cold

Here are a few simple ways you can keep your pets safe and warm this winter!

1. Give them Shelter:  Don't leave your pets outside for long periods of time.  Wind chill affects dogs and cats just like humans.

2.  Warm Bed:  You would be surprised how much your pet would like a hot water bottle tucked into their bed on these cold nights. If there might be drafts consider placing your dog's bed up high and away from sources of cold and chilly air.

3.  Canine Clothing:  A sweater for your dog can help block out the cold.  Smaller dogs are especially prone to shivering and a cozy sweater is a way to provide them with an extra layer of warmth.  If it is damp a waterproof layer would be a good idea too.  Dog booties will protect your pet's feet when they are outside.  These will  not only keep out the cold but will protect their paws from salt and chemicals on sidewalks and driveways.  Try to keep the fur around your pets paws trimmed in the winter months so that ice, chemicals and snow will not cling.

4.  Take shorter walks:  Try to bring your pets in after short periods of outside exercise, when they come in keep your pet warm, dry and away from drafts. Be extra careful when walking your dog near frozen ponds  Your dog could slip or jump in and get seriously injured.  Be attentive to your pet's body temperature.

5.  Feed your dog additional calories if it spends a lot of time outdoors.  It takes more energy in the cold to keep body temperatures regulated. A visit to your vet is always a good thing to do if you have special questions concerning your pet's health.

Pet Friendly Apartment Amenities to Look for

A furry friend in your apartment is special and at Red Oak Apartment Homes we know that.  We are proud to say that we are a pet friendly apartment company. Many of our properties have beautiful grounds that your pets will enjoy.  At 3 locations we offer a beautiful dog park for your canine friends to run around in.  In Milford, NH our property has over 40 acres of wooded walking trails for you to enjoy with your pets.  There are many city parks near many of our properties.  It is always a fun time to visit a park with your pets.  Be mindful of any posted rules for pets in public areas. 

Pet Policies at Red Oak

 At Red Oak we accept cats at every single one of our apartments.  

We welcome dogs under 25 pounds at our Sunset Ridge property in Manchester and at two buildings at our Ridge at Eastern Trails property in Milford.

 Dogs up to 100 pounds are welcome at our Milford Trails and Eastern Trails property in Milford.  

At our Redstone Apartments in Manchester are a welcome home for your dogs too.  We have no weight restrictions on dogs at this location. 

If you choose to live just north of Concord, NH you will be happy to know that at our duplex apartments in Boscawen we welcome dogs up to 25 pounds.

Our company does have breed restrictions that apply at our apartment communities.  Check out our pet policies.

Southern New Hampshire is a great place to live.  Need an apartment?  We can help you find your perfect place.  Check out our offerings on our availability list.