Safety Tips for Bicyclists on the Road

Safety Tips for Bicyclists on the Road

Tropical vacations and knowing how to ride a bike may not have many similarities, however they are both something that you will never forget. Bike riding is a fantastic way to see the world  and it is also a great mode of transportation and a way to stay in shape. Riding a bike on a city street can be quite enjoyable but also challenging, making it very important to stay safe, obey all traffic laws and be courteous to other bikes and cars around you. Here are some great tips to follow before you air up those tires and squeeze into those bike shorts. 

Bike Safety Tips

Before starting out on the road, it’s a good idea to have a mental safety checklist in your mind. Make sure to wear a helmet that fits you correctly. If you are riding after dark, make sure you are wearing reflective clothing and that your bike also has reflectors on it so vehicles can see you. Even though listening to music while pedaling around town seems like it could be quite tranquil, it may not be the best idea. You always need to stay attentive to the sights and sounds around you, just like if you were operating any other vehicle on the road. Plus, on that note, impaired riding, just like driving impaired, is illegal.

Traffic and Bike Riding

When riding your bicycle on roadways, it is imperative that you ride defensively and obey all traffic laws. On residential streets, always be mindful of driveways and parked cars where residents and pedestrians may be about. Riding a bike is just like driving where you must be on the right side of the road. If you are riding around in a group, it is safer to ride single file so as not to pose a hazard to vehicles, yourself, and your group. Additionally, it is illegal to ride on the sidewalks in Manchester, as well as in other towns, so make sure to stick to the streets.

Sharing the Road While Bike Riding

Riding your bicycle on city streets also means that courtesy must be practiced so that bikes and cars are sharing the road in tandem. Be cautious of where blind spots might be located on the cars around you. Motorists must always look when switching lanes or turning, but it cannot hurt to make sure that you can always be seen. Stay alert when turning, especially when turning left and encountering major traffic. Always looking at your surroundings and making proper hand signals when turning can alert other drivers and bicyclists. If you can, make eye contact when crossing streets on crosswalks with other drivers, so that you both know that you see each other and that you can thank them for acknowledging and/or stopping for you.

Manchester has many streets that have designated bike lanes, with more and more streets added every year. Red Oak Apartment Homes has many apartments that are a short bike trip to stores, shopping and quick stops for a bite to eat. If you work in the city, you can even save money on expensive gasoline and bike to work. Hopefully these tips can make your bike ride even more enjoyable. Happy biking and stay safe!

Resources for Bike Lovers in Manchester, NH

Bike MHT is a group focused on promoting a love of biking in the Greater Manchester area.  They sponsor group bike rides and events and safety programs.

The City of Manchester has a wonderful list of bike trails in the area.  The Parks and Recreation Department has bike safety programs in the spring months.

Parenting Magazine has published a list of 10 family friendly bike trails in the area.  

Need to have your bike repaired?  Look no farther than Cycles Etc on Second Street in Manchester.  This full service shop will repair anything that your bike may need to keep it in good repair and road worthy.

Biking Near Your Manchester Apartment

Red Oak Apartment Homes has a large variety of apartment home choices through out the Greater Manchesetr Area.  Many apartments are close to on directly on streets that have designated bike lanes or are close to recreational bike trails.  Our Sunset Ridge Apartments are just a minutes away from the Wellington Road bike lane.  Our apartments at 875 Elm Street, the Opera Block and 261 Pine Street are on bike lanes as well.  Recreational bike paths are abundant in Manchester.  Our Redstone Apartments are on the South Manchester Bike Trail and our Landmark Apartments in Derry are on the Derry Rail Trail.  Contact Red Oak for more information about our apartments or to book a tour.