Safety Tips for Moving

Moving doesn’t have to be hard on you.  We all know there is a lot to manage when you move.  If you plan ahead and are organized the move will go smoothly and quickly.  Here are some safety tips for moving! Read our ideas that will help to ensure that moving doesn’t become a physical stress for you with minor and/or severe injuries.

Take Care of Yourself when you move

Box Weight: You can control this hazard by being careful when you pack.  Keep box weight under 50 pounds.  Keep the distance you will need to carry boxes in mind when packing them too.  Do you have a long distance to walk from your apartment to your vehicle or moving truck?  How about from your truck into your new apartment?  If the distances are big keep the boxes around 40 pounds.  When you lift any boxes protect your back by squatting down and lifting with your legs.  This is just one of many safety tips for moving.

Rent Proper Equipment: You can prevent lower back strain by having a dolly or wheeled cart to move large or heavy items.  Strap the boxes to the dolly for stability and to prevent breakage if the boxes fall.

Tour the Area You Will be Moving to: Take a walk around the areas you will be carrying boxes and heavy items.  Look for trip hazards, narrow doors or passageways and parking options to make the job easy.  Notice uneven sidewalks, steps and obstacles that might make moving your furniture harder.  Be careful when the weather doesn’t cooperate with your move.  If it is wet or icy be prepared with sand or salt to prevent slips and falls.

Dress for Your Move: This is not the day for high heels and flip flops.  Wear sturdy shoes that have good support for your feet and ankles.  Avoid loose clothing that may catch on furniture or oddly shaped items.  Wear gloves with good grip to ensure that boxes will not slip from your hands.

Man Power: It is more fun and safer to move with a group of people.  It is a good idea to have one person who can direct people to where the items need to go and to make sure traffic paths are clear and accessible.  If you have children or pets make sure they are well supervised and out of the way of people carrying boxes and furniture.  Have food and water available for the people helping you to move.    It is a good idea to have an emergency first aid kit accessible on your moving day.  This can help take care of minor scrapes, cuts or blisters.  Having a fully charged cell phone is a good idea, just in case.

Have fun and stay safe when you move! 

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