Safety Tips for Your Pets at Halloween

This year’s top costumes for pets are Minions and Super Heroes.  Whether your pet is a Ninja Turtle or Batman there are some tips to consider to help keep your pets safe on Halloween.


Candy is not for pets:  

Did you know that chocolate is not good for dogs and cats? Chocolate poisoning can be very serious and can even lead to death.  Many candies contain artificial sweeteners that can lead to a drop in your pet’s blood pressure or a loss of coordination.  Avoid these foods for your furry friends.

Dog dressed for Halloween

Be safe

Don’t leave your pet outside on Halloween: It’s hard to believe, but an innocent prank on Halloween that might involve your pet is no laughing matter.  Don’t put your pet in a situation where someone can tease, injure or steal them on Halloween night. 

cute pug

Bring your pets in on this night. 

Keep pets away from your front door. Let’s face it, your door will be opening and closing many times on Trick or Treat night.  Your dog may get spooked by the strange costumes or loud noises.  The last thing you want is to have your dog dart out of your apartment.  Leave your pets in a secure room away from the front door.

Bring black cat inside around Halloween

Black Cats need to be protected

It’s a fact…black cats are especially vulnerable to pranksters at this time of year.  Leave your cats indoors a few days before Halloween and a few days afterwards for their safety.

Above all have fun on Halloween and keep your pets safe too!

Apartments that love your pets

Apartments that love your Pets

Looking for a new apartment?  Did you know that Red Oak Apartment Homes in Manchester NH welcomes cats to all of their apartments.  We love your dogs too.  Over 65% of our apartments welcome dogs.  Many accept dogs that are large.  Check out the pet policies for Red Oak.