Save Money while Decorating Your Apartment for the Holidays

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Many people worry about how they will decorate their small apartment for the holidays.  Many also want to make sure that they don’t spend too much money while doing it. You can find ways to decorate that will work in a small space!  Here are a few ideas that you can use to make your apartment show your holiday spirit!

Save Money while Decorating Your Apartment for the Holidays

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Get a Mini-Tree: 

A towering tree just won’t work and costs a mint, but you can improvise with a small tree or a table top version that will still show off your lights and favorite ornaments.  Cover the stand with an embellished tree shirt made from a pretty holiday napkin.  You can even wrap some small boxes to look like presents under the tree.  This will save a lot of space, and is easy to store too!

Decorate the Furniture that you Have: 

Why purchase red furniture or buy a super big Holiday table that will not fit easily into your apartment.  This is not a good use of your money.  Decorate what you already own to make your holiday personality show through.  You could use beautiful ribbons to hang ornaments or display your menorah from the shelves of a bookcase, put red pillows on your sofa or chairs, buy a bedspread that shows off your holiday spirit or string lights around the windows in your apartment. Use your creativity to help save money while decorating your apartment for the holidays

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Think Air Space: 

Garland doesn’t have to be just for your tree!  Why not string it over doorways, across rooms or from window to window.  You can make inexpensive garland with some string and cut out paper stars or snowflakes.  This could be a good activity when your family or friends stop over to visit you!  We love garlands made from the imaginations of our kids.  They can use cutouts of trees, stars or their hands to make a cute and cheap garland.

Wall Space: 

Why not hang a wreath on a wall in your apartment.  If it is made from real pine boughs you will enjoy the added benefit of the wonderful smell.  Real boughs will not cost you anything.  Make a fun afternoon out of hiking in the woods to look for great choices.  You can spray paint branches and add tinsel for a cool look.  Why not collect some pine cones and add a decorative ribbons to them.  You can arrange them in a bowl as a inexpensive centerpiece.  Windows can also be used to hang wreaths, boughs or pinecones in.


Nothing makes a space more festive than lights.  An idea that we love showcases a glass bowl.  Turn it upside down with small white lights inside.  It will make your room merry and does not cost very much.

Always make sure that you have safety in mind.  Never load up one outlet with lots of extension cords.  Do not leave burning candles unattended in your apartment.  Do not place candles near combustible objects or furniture.  Think about battery powered candles.  There are even ones that have a wavering wick so that it looks like a real candle.  

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