Save on Video Games

Save on Video Games

How to save on video games?  With one press of a button, you can be transported from New Hampshire to another planet in the middle of an inter-galactic war. Maybe you feel like calling the plays for your favorite football team, or your Army squadron. Through Video Games, you can instantly go from your living room to a wide number of fun adventures. If you aren’t careful though, video games can be really expensive. Following these tips can help you save money.

Try Before You Buy

Often times, services like Xbox Live and Playstation Network will offer free demos of popular games that you can download straight to your device. These demos allow you to play a preview of the game that could include a couple levels, at no risk to you. If you download the demo, and decide you don’t like the game as much as you thought you would, no harm done. If you like the demo however, you can then make the purchase.  This practice will help you to save on video games.

Recycle Old Games

There are other ways to save on video games.  Once you have finished a game, what do you do with it? For most people, they just sit on a shelf collecting dust. If you aren’t going to play the games again, trade them in for new games! This way, you don’t have to pay as much for your next game, and someone else gets to enjoy the game that you just finished. Video game stores like GameStop and Level-Up Gaming in Manchester offer trade-ins on old games.

While we’re on the subject…

Buy Used Games

Save on video games by buying used games.  Stores offer discounts on used games because they aren’t in the packaging. They will often offer guarantees on the games so they will work when you bring them home, so you will have no risk, but lots of savings. You can also find other gamers offering used games directly through sites like Amazon and Ebay, but they will not be able to offer the same customer protection as the big box stores.

Rent Games

Services like GameFly allow you to rent video games, play them for as long as you want, and then return them and get another game from your list. Starting at 15.95/month if you play video games enough, and you are always looking for a new game to play, this service could save you a lot of money on new games.

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