Shopping at the Dollar Store

Shopping at the Dollar Store

Shopping at the dollar store is cool.  When you think of the dollar store you may think “cheap” both financially and quality wise.   Truth be told you can find some really great finds at the dollar store.    A few of the larger dollar stores actually have name brand items for a fraction of the price.   They are able to do this for a few different reasons.  Dollar stores have low overhead that saves them lots of money so they can offer products at a lower price.  They will also buy in bulk and negotiate directly with manufactures to get a better price for items so they can sell them for less.   Dollar stores will also sell “Off-Brands” which are different than name brand products because of the advertising.   Less money on advertising allows for a more inexpensive product.

This all benefits you because you can find some really good products for much cheaper than big box stores.   Here are some items that that are worth the money at the dollar store.

Storage Containers

Shopping at the dollar store offers lots of options for storage bins and containers.  These storage tubs are usually $15-$20 at a big box store and you can them for a fraction of that price.  They will usually have all different sizes, colors, shapes, and patterns.


We all know that craft stores are overpriced.   Look at the Dollar Store for some of the same craft brands for less money.  We especially like the prices on coloring books, crayons, markers, scrap book materials and yarns.  We like this when shopping at the dollar store.

Household products

Hate spending a ton of money on toilet paper?  Here is your answer!  Dollar stores have a variety of different household products.  From toilet paper to glass cleaners they usually have it.   It’s a wonderful place to buy paper towels, garbage bags, bathroom cleaners and soap.  We can highly recommend their pot holders and kitchen towels.

There are so many more items to discover and save on at your local dollar store so check them out!   Remember though, not all items are worth the money, so be careful with items such as off brand batteries, some food items and medications.   Use your judgment and enjoy saving money!!

There are dollar stores in many locations in Southern New Hampshire.

Many are close to your Red Oak Apartment Home!