Staying Fit without ever leaving Your Apartment

We found this great workout from our friends at Fitness Blender.  We like it because it gives you a good workout but takes your neighbors need for quiet into consideration.  Staying Fit without ever leaving Your Apartment will help you to look good and save you money!  Wow...A shrinking waistline and a Bulging wallet!  A great combination.

It’s a low impact cardio workout; one that you can use to effectively burn calories, get the heart rate up, and a respectable sweat in, all without jarring and jamming the joints. Whether you have joint issues or are looking for recovery day cardio, this is a great option. We estimate that this Quiet Cardio Workout video burns 6-9 calories per minute, with an individual’s exact expenditure depending on bodyweight, muscle mass, and effort put forth (to name just a few of the variables). Put on some music (quiet music, remember those neighbors) and enjoy this routine that burns calories, tones the body, and builds agility and balance.

Staying Fit without ever leaving Your Apartment

Workout Structure 10 Quiet Cardio Exercises 50 Second intervals each 2 Rounds 22 Minutes Total

Low Impact Exercises 4 Torso Twists + 2 Kicks – Go into a very shallow squat and do 4 twists at the torso, then raise your arms over your head and “pull” downward while doing a front kick with each leg.

X Squats – Reach up over your head & to one side with both hands. Immediately drop down into a squat, reaching with both hands for the toes of the opposite side. Your feet will not be moving in the slightest, but your heart rate will nonetheless be up by the end of this interval by the end. That’s small apartment cardio at it’s best.

Deadlift Jacks – Great for total body toning, awesome for balance; do a single leg deadlift, come directly back up and lift the same leg that was lifted during the deadlift out laterally (to the side), with arms mimicking a jumping jack ROM, before switching supporting legs and repeating the entire motion over again.

Up & Over Steps + Knees – Step laterally (with balance & agility – keep it light!), arms up & over head during the side stepping motion, once there, bring a knee up to your elbow; repeat.

Slow Squats + Hooks – Looks weird, works well. Slowly lower yourself into a squat with roughly this timing; 4 hooks down, 4 hooks back up.

Quiet Burpees – Just like a traditional Burpee, but done just one step at a time. Step down into a plank one foot at a time, then back up one foot at a time, and extend arms overhead to complete one rep.

Arm & Leg Balance Swings – Reach forward with one arm; extend and lift the opposite leg out behind the body. Then swing same leg forward, while stretching same arm out behind body. Use controlled motions and try not to lose your balance. Switch sides at the halfway point of the interval.

3 Twists + Knee Ups – Again, quiet cardio without hardly a step. Twist three times at the torso, then on that third twist bring the opposite knee high to meet with that elbow.

Plank Tuck + Extensions – Go into a plank position and bring one knee up towards your hands, then directly back out and into a reverse leg lift. Alternate back and forth between legs. If this one hurts your wrists, try holding onto dumbbells to redistribute the pressure in a more ideal way.

Low Lateral Steps – Slowly step back and forth from side to side in as low of a squat as you can handle, tapping that trailing leg behind your body.


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