Summer in Boston Common: Just a Tank Away!!!

On a recent spring trip to Boston I enjoyed the beauty of the Boston Common and Public Gardens.  You can't help but feel peaceful and happy here.  The trees and flowers are in full bloom right now.

Boston Common

You might enjoy a look at some of the historic statues in the park. This one of George Washington is very prominent!  Don't forget to look for the Make Way for Ducklings statue in the corner closest to Charles Street.

Boston Common

Of course the Swan Boats are in the water and ready to go. You haven't lived until you have tried this. You will feel majestic and special as you glide along.

Boston Common

The tulips are amazing. There is every color you can imagine! Boston is just a short hour trip from Manchester. Bring a picnic lunch to eat in the Common for a fun and cheap day trip!

Tulips on Boston Common


Boston Common is not far from your Red Oak Apartment Home. Just travel down Route 93...Now That's the Red Oak Life!