Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Groceries by Sticking To A List

Saving Money on Groceries is possible and doesn’t mean you have to buy food you don’t like.  Making a grocery list will save you time and money and will keep you on track.  Try it and you will see a difference on your final total at the checkout counter. 

Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Groceries by Sticking To A List

  1.  Start by planning your meals for the week.  Note how many servings you will need and what ingredients will be needed.  Try to have one night per week with a vegetarian meal to save money too.  Make a shopping list from this meal plan and then stick to it at the store.
  2. Buy perishable items twice during the week to insure freshness.  Use what you buy and don’t buy more until you have consumed what you have.
  3. Shop after eating.  This will help to keep you focused on your list.  You will not be hungry and stray into aisles that have more expensive items that will break your budget.
  4. Look for Generic versions of the foods you use.  These are much cheaper and have the same nutritional value and ingredients as the national brands.
  5. Look for cheaper versions of the foods you buy.  Decide if it’s worth it to buy that expensive hand crafted cheese or will a store brand work just as well.  When using an ingredient in a recipe, you usually don’t need the expensive version.
  6. Avoid buying food and entrees that are already prepared for you at the store.  These are the most expensive items and there is a food tax added to the cost at the register.  Stay with your list and make these items yourself.
  7. Use what you buy.  It’s pretty simple.  If you buy food and then waste it you are throwing away money.
  8. Use what you already have.  In other words, shop from your own pantry.  You would be surprised by the items you already have that you can use to prepare great meals.  Arrange your cabinets to show off the foods you have.  Use foods that you have had for a long time first.
  9. Mix fresh items with canned.  This will make your meals heartier and fresher.  Imagine adding a can of garbanzo beans to fresh green beans.  The food will taste great and offer more protein too.
  10. If fresh herbs are on your list, put them in a paper bag before putting them in your fridge.  They will last longer this way.  Research which herbs can be frozen for future use.

Above all look for what’s on sale in store flyers and enjoy the money you will save if you follow these tips.

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