Top 4 Reasons Remote Workers Love Living in Manchester NH; Hint: Affordable Remote Working

Remote workers know that conducting business from home has many benefits.   Work from Home (WFH) participants believe that they work better this way.  Many large companies like Twitter, Google and Microsoft agree.  Some have announced that their workers can WFH indefinitely. 

Did you know that remote working allows you to choose where you live too?  Gone is the need to be tied to a location that is in close proximity to your office.  There are affordable remote working alternatives for living in great apartments.  Let us outline the top four reasons why remote workers should choose to live in the heart of New Hampshire.

No Commuting Time

Working from home means that you do not have the hassle of that daily commute.  Many remote workers from the Boston area choose to live in New Hampshire as it is a state with excellent lifestyle choices, low taxes and great roadways.  If a worker finds that they need to make a once a week or once a month trip into the office in Boston, New York or Connecticut they can easily do it from New Hampshire.  The trip is carefree as the state has excellent newly widened roadways that lead directly to the largest city in the state.  Manchester is well served by routes I-293, I-93, the FE Everett Turnpike, and NH State routes 101, 3 and 3A.  A commute to New York, Baltimore or Florida is easy with the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in the city.  Daily flights go to these hubs. No commuting time makes for affordable remote working.

Affordable Remote Working: Rent is Cheaper and Life is Better in Manchester, New Hampshire

According to Google,  the average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Boston ranges from $3,100 to $5,000 per month.  That same apartment in Manchester will run from $1,399 to $2,900 per month.  That is a huge savings for any renter.  If you are paying high Boston rents because you like city life then you should know that in Manchester NH you can get the same vibe for a lot less money.  Manchester is the largest city in the state of New Hampshire.  The population of approximately 110,000 means that there is a lot of life here.  The downtown has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene.  On any given night you can attend a concert in a small venue, go to a theatrical performance at the Palace Theatre, listen to new musicians at Jupiter Hall or the Rex and even take in a poetry reading at our own “Poetry Slam” events.  Large venues such as the SNHU arena and the Dana Performing Arts Center have nationally known acts, concerts, performers and sports events throughout the year.  Do you like the bar and restaurant scene?  Then Manchester is a foodie and bar lovers heaven.  There are literally hundreds of breweries, brew pubs and small and large restaurants in town.  Have a special type of food that you like?  You are sure to find it here.  Enjoy Tibetan food at Momo, Asian cuisine at Mint Bistro, the finest Italian at Fratellos or Campo Entocia, Mexican cuisine at Consuelos or El Rincon and everything in between.  Walk to these places from a luxury apartment in downtown Manchester.  Breweries are plentiful here.  Visit the Stark Brewing Company, To Share Brewery or Backyard Brewery for their latest flights of craft beer and a bite to eat.   Culture is also a big draw in Manchester.  We are home to the Nationally acclaimed Currier Museum of Art, the SEE Science Center, the Manchester Historic Museum, the Turkish Cultural Center and the Aviation Museum.  All offer exhibits and events that are enriching and entertaining.  Education is big business and a big cultural advantage here.  Southern New Hampshire University, the University of New Hampshire in Manchester, The Mass College of Pharmacy, St Anselm College, the New Hampshire Community College and the NH Institute of Art are all located here.  This means that about 9,000 college students are in the city.  Talk about a college town feel.  It’s right here.  Hospitals and schools are in the center city too.  Public transportation is available throughout the downtown with city buses, ride share services and even a pedicab service in the summer.  Talk of rail service to Boston is a topic that city politicians and the Chamber of Commerce are discussing.  Nature lovers enjoy the Merrimack River, the Riverfront walkways, the Amoskeag Falls and numerous bike and walking trails in the city.

Technical Infrastructure and Tax Advantages

Remote Workers need good wi-fi and high-tech services to do their best work from home.  Luckily there is a wealth of this infrastructure in place in New Hampshire and downtown Manchester.  The city government has supported improvements in the Central Business District where housing is located.    The district is committed to supporting the urban activity of the area and this includes high tech efforts.  Individual apartment owners have a commitment to providing wi-fi services to their residents as well.  Many high tech businesses call the Manchester Millyard home. 

New Hampshire has a long history of supporting low taxes allowing for affordable remote working.  The state has the lowest tax burdens in the country.   For instance, did you know that NH has no broad-based personal income taxes, no sales taxes, no professional or service tax and no internet tax.  These tax advantages make living here an easy way to help you keep more money in your own pocket and enjoy the NH lifestyle.  If you earn money in MA you will need to file a Massachusetts non resident return for any income you earned working for a Massachusetts company.  You can receive a refund if the amount that was with withheld from your check is greater than the actual tax you are responsible to pay to MA.  Check with your financial advisor for specifics about your personal finances and taxes. 

Calling Downtown Home in Manchester New Hampshire

Over the past 5 years, downtown Manchester has had a renaissance of bringing people to live in the center city.  This creates a vibrancy that enhances living for all who come here.  The Apartments at Red Oak at 875 Elm Street are a prime example of this.  This luxury apartment community brings 90 one- and two-bedroom apartments into the heart of the city.  The property has a wonderful history in the city and the state.  It once was the first skyscraper in the state and still can claim to be the 6th tallest building here at 10 stories tall.  The 90 apartments have been newly constructed in this building which once housed the Citizen’s Bank headquarters for NH.   The property boasts many wonderful amenities that city dwellers love.  There is space for resident gatherings in the lounge, enjoying the outdoors on the patio or grilling area, space to work out in a fully equipped gym, personal storage areas, bike storage, an attached parking garage and a brand-new urban dog park for your furry friends.  Find out more about this exciting property that is owned and managed by Red Oak APartment Homes here.