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Leave the Dorm Life Behind and Rent an Apartment​

It's the time of year for college students to start searching for a new apartment before the fall semester begins. Many students who are looking for apartments are moving out of their parents' home for the first time or leaving the dorms in favor of more flexible off-campus housing.  

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Top 10 Back to School Tips for Your Kids

Preparing for school is essential to help your children get back into a new routine and  for them to be prepared for their new classes and schedules. Red Oak apartment Homes has developed some Helpful Tips to Transition Back To School.  We hope these tips  help parents and children make the transition from summer to school a lot easier.

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Location Lowdown:  Farmer’s Markets around Manchester, NH

In New Hampshire, the opening of the local farmer’s market is a sure sign that summer is here and the growing season is producing fresh foods, fruits and veggies.  Visiting a farmer’s market is fun because you can speak directly to the person who is growing the food you will buy and eat.

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Apartment Owners Ask...Is My Dog Pushy?

As a pet owner, you want to watch out for behaviors that may lead to problems with socializing or training your dog.  If you live in an apartment community you want to make sure your dog is not troublesome to other pets or people.  Read more to find out what to do if your dog is too pushy.

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Keep Your Kids Busy all Summer without Breaking the Bank

School is out for summer. For kids, this means that they have the whole summer ahead of them to spend having fun and not doing homework. For parents, this means that they have to figure out how their kids are having fun this summer without breaking the bank in the process. Here are a few ideas for ways to let your kids have fun, but not worrying about spending too much money.

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How to Hang Pictures in Your Apartment without Damaging the Walls

You have chosen the perfect place to live and now you want to make it feel like your home.  Decorating your apartment is just one way to do this.  Another way to make it feel like home is to hang your favorite pictures on the walls of your new place. We often get questions about how to do this without damaging the walls in the apartment.

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