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The Lowdown on Manchester Gyms

Looking to get healthier and fit?  The common phrase for being healthier is, “diet and exercise”.  When it comes to exercising, people have so many different ways they stay in shape.  Some prefer to do it on their own with solo runs in the great outdoors while others like the structure of a gym or health club.   Manchester has tons of gym options for anyone ranging from "Fitness Gurus" to "Fitness WhoKnews." Below are some gyms to check out for a healthier lifestyle in the Queen City..   

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Apartment Living in Milford that is Close to Shopping

People choose the place they call home for many different reasons. Whether it is for the weather, population, opportunity, tranquility, activities or just because it is where you are from… the place we call home has a major impact on our lives.

We'd like to say that living in Milford, NH is awesome.  There is a lot to do here where shopping opportunities abound and there are great options for apartment living too.

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8 Reasons to Live in Downtown Manchester

Manchester, NH is called the Queen City.  Historically this nickname is reserved for the largest city, that is not the capital, in any given state.  We are lucky that here in Manchester we have this distinction.  This city is a great place to call home for many reasons.  Here are our top 8 reasons to live in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire.

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The Lowdown on the Best Car Repair Shops in Manchester, NH

Keeping your car operating and in good repair makes sense financially.  Investigate the best place to bring your car for repairs before you are desperate.  Car repairs are expensive so be prepared and knowledgeable before you need the service.

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Safety Tips for Grilling at Your Apartment

It’s that time of year!  We are all thinking about getting outside and enjoying the warm weather.  We all look forward to grilling our favorite burgers and steaks outside.  So what about grills and apartment living?  Always put safety first whenever you are going to cook outside. Here are some important things for our residents to remember when grilling at their apartment.

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Infused Water: A Healthy Way to Stay Hydrated

Summer is upon us and we should remember to keep hydrated as we pursue outdoor activities on hot days. You can make drinking water more interesting and tasty by making your own infused water. Drinking infused water is a cheap alternative to buying iced teas, sport drinks and bottled water.

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