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Dining at Portland Pie

Dining out is fun, delicious and social. It is one of the best parts of The Red Oak Life!  There are many great options in Manchester, NH and one of our favorites is the Portland Pie Company on Elm Street. 

This Maine based pizzeria is much more than dough and sauce. The menu carries a wide variety of classic sandwiches, wraps, salads and pastas too.

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Staying Fit without ever leaving Your Apartment

We found this great workout from our friends at Fitness Blender.  We like it because it gives you a good workout but takes your neighbors need for quiet into consideration.  Staying Fit without ever leaving Your Apartment will help you to look good and save you money!  Wow...A shrinking waistline and a Bulging wallet!  A great combination.

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My Favorite Recipe: Fettucine Alfredo!!

Looking for an easy recipe that your family will love?  This one is always a hit in our house! It's My Favorite Recipe: Fettucine Alfredo!!

Check out this easy version of this classic Italian dish.

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Tips for Going Green in Your NH Apartment

Care and concern for the environment is important for us all.  There are many simple things that we each can do to help limit the impact we make on the world and our natural resources.  Take a look at these tips for going green in your NH apartment.

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Time Management for Busy Millennials

Life is hectic and jam packed with lots of things to do.  Work, family, kids and social activities side track us from what has to get done every day!  It’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed because you are constantly trying to catch up and trying to get ahead.  If you feel this way you are not the only one.

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8 Things Every Strong and Independent Woman Should Know How to Do

A recent discussion among friends brought up the question: What is the difference between an independent woman vs. a strong woman. After sharing ideas and experiences we settled on the following definition: Being a strong, independent woman means that you are able to find happiness on your own without having to rely on another person or society for validation. 

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