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Apt Decorating on a Budget

You can make your apartment look great with just a few simple tricks.  It will make your apartment home feel like your space and be more inviting to friends and family who visit.  Here are our best tips for apt decorating on a budget.

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Outdoor Fun: A Walk Along the River

Outdoor Fun in Manchester is not hard to find!  May we suggest a walk along the Riverfront Trail in Manchester.

This Heritage trail is 6.1 miles long and has a great access point at Arms Park in downtown.  Portions of the trail are paved and are great for cyclists and joggers. 

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Best Restaurants in Manchester NH

We all love to dine out.  There are so many great restaurants in the Manchester NH region that it is overwhelming at times to make a good choice.  From fine dining to take out, there is something for every taste and type of food.  We are often asked to recommend a place to our new residents and associates.
Here are our recommendations for the Top 5 Restaurants in the Manchester, New Hampshire area.

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6 Essential Tips for Moving

Deciding on the right place to live is only the first step…You still have to move all your belongings.  Many people dread this part of relocating.

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How to Talk to Your Butcher

In Southern New Hampshire it is a luxury to visit a butcher shop.  The norm is to get all our meats from the chain supermarkets where everything is wrapped in plastic and appears on Styrofoam trays.  This trend has made many of think about the benefits of knowing the source of our food and having a say in the freshness of it. 

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How to Get Cable and Internet FAST

So you’re all moved in and ready to sit on the couch and relax. You’ve plugged in your TV and booted up your computer – BUT WAIT – You forgot to set up your cable & internet! How to get cable and internet fast are the 2 things running through your mind now! What do you do?

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