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Apartments with Dog Parks in Milford, NH

Red Oak's Milford apartments are sure to make our residents and their pooches happy.   Having several dog parks on site are a fantastic amenity for dog lovers.

Milford Trails Apartments and Eastern Trails Apartments  and the Ridge at Eastern Trails Apartments and Townhomes are already a great place to own a cat or dog - with 40 acres of wooded walking trails, manicured grounds, and doggy clean-up stations around the property.

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Meet Your Friends from Red Oak for Happy Hour in Manchester

New Englander’s are proud folk.  Everyone thinks their state is superior.  And sure, our nearby neighbors have things to be proud of.  Maine has lobsters and lighthouses, Vermont has cheese and Ben and Jerry’s, and I’ve been told Massachusetts probably has something nice (Science Museum maybe?)…  However, there is one thing we have in New Hampshire that raises us above our border bros:  Happy Hour! 

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Organize Your Apartment Closets

Organize Your Apartment Closets...That sounds like a daunting task doesn't it?  With a little time and effort you can do it.  The end result will be a orderly closet and you will be able to find everything you need.  Here are some tips to help you get started.

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Apt Decorating on a Budget

You can make your apartment look great with just a few simple tricks.  It will make your apartment home feel like your space and be more inviting to friends and family who visit.  Here are our best tips for apt decorating on a budget.

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Outdoor Fun: A Walk Along the River

Outdoor Fun in Manchester is not hard to find!  May we suggest a walk along the Riverfront Trail in Manchester.

This Heritage trail is 6.1 miles long and has a great access point at Arms Park in downtown.  Portions of the trail are paved and are great for cyclists and joggers. 

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Best Restaurants in Manchester NH

We all love to dine out.  There are so many great restaurants in the Manchester NH region that it is overwhelming at times to make a good choice.  From fine dining to take out, there is something for every taste and type of food.  We are often asked to recommend a place to our new residents and associates.
Here are our recommendations for the Top 5 Restaurants in the Manchester, New Hampshire area.

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