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Important Things to Remember When Landing Your Next Apartment

There are a lot of factors that you need to think about when you are picking your next apartment. How much space do you need? Where do you want to live? All these things can be pretty overwhelming if you don’t break them down and figure out which ones are the most important to you. We are going to walk through some of the most Important Things to Remember When Landing Your Next Apartment.

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5 Ways to Customize Your Rental on a Tight Budget!

New England winters are long and hard, and sometimes the only way to turn a frosty frown upside down is to spruce up the look of your pad. However, especially after the holidays, wallets tend to tighten in the long and weary lead up to spring and summer. Don’t let a constricted budget hinder your creativity and need to express yourself!

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Birds That Are Good for Apartment Dwellers

You love your pets and your home just wouldn’t be the same without them.  Birds make great pets and apartment dwellers love them.

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Common Work Orders that you can troubleshoot on your own

While there are some issues that absolutely require a visit from one of our friendly maintenance team members, here are some common issues that you can most likely handle on your own:

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How to Save Money on Your Morning Coffee

We all love that cup of coffee or tea to get us going in the morning.  For some it’s the need for a jolt of caffeine to start our day, for others it’s just a soothing warm beverage to nourish us.  No matter what your reason for your cup of Joe it’s a fact that buying it while on the dash can get very expensive.

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Overnight Winter Parking ban begins December 1st

Park on the even side of the street for the month of December in Manchester, NH.

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