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Tips for Planning Your Apartment Tour

Make the most of your apartment search time by following these tips to make your visit informative and productive.

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3 Cheap Ways to Keep your Apartment Warm

It’s that time of year! It’s wet, snowy and downright cold! What can you do to keep your apartment home warm and cozy?

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Budgeting Tips for Off Campus Housing

Moving off campus is an exciting proposition for college students.  You might be sick of the cramped quarters in your dorm, or want to share an apartment with your best friend who goes to a different nearby college.  A little planning and budgeting can make this a good option for you. Try these Budgeting Tips for Off Campus Housing.

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What to Look For When You Tour an Apartment

Finding an Apartment is not all hard work.  In fact it can be a fun adventure and your path to independence.  Here are some tips that let you know what to look for when you tour an Apartment.

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Save Money with Odor Fighting Solutions from Your Pantry

Let’s face it…odors happen.  It might be your smelly gym clothes after a jog, pet odors or that fishy smell after cooking a meal.  There is no need to buy expensive products to fight odors in your apartment. 

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Preventing Garbage Disposal Disasters

Handy Man Tips for Preventing Garbage Disposal DIsasters from our Maintenance Team at Red Oak Apartments

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