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3 Cheap Ways to Keep your Apartment Warm

It’s that time of year! It’s wet, snowy and downright cold! What can you do to keep your apartment home warm and cozy?

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Save Money by Giving Up Expensive Habits

There are things that we do every day that are costing us a lot of money.  Many of these habits are not essential to our health and well-being.  You can save money just by cutting back or cutting out some of these habits in your lifestyle.

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Saving Money on School Lunches for Your Kids

Lunch is a vital part of the school day for every kid.  Although it may be tempting to send your child off with some money for the cafeteria lunch and forget about it, there are a lot of ways that you can save money and eat healthier by packing a lunch for your little ones.

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Hooksett Condos for rent

Red Oak Apartment Homes, Inc. is always looking to expand options for renting in New Hampshire. You may have seen our amazing variety - luxury to affordable apartment living in 6 cities throughout NH. Now we're here to offer even more choices by adding this property in Hooksett NH.

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Meet Amy Sunset Ridge's Apartment Rental Superhero


Amy is here at Sunset Ridge to make apartment renting easy. Her amazing property management  skills make her your apartment rental superhero!  Sunset Ridge is the place for you!

Meet  Amy:

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Brrr… Stay Warm this Winter on a Budget

While New Hampshire residents may be excited for snowboarding, ice skating, and the holidays, they can also feel the looming dread of shoveling snow, frozen temperatures, and sticker shock from high heating bills. Winter heating can get expensive, and this year will be no exception.  Here are some useful tips to stay toasty warm this winter without cranking up your heat.

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