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Apartment Hunting Checklist From Red Oak's owner, Ron Dupont

Finding your next apartment can be a daunting task for anyone.  Here are some tried and true tips from Ron Dupont the owner of Red Oak Apartment Homes to help you out as you look for the apartment that is just right for you.

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The Lowdown on Popular Coffee Shops in Manchester, NH

Coffee is popular.  Did you know that 64% of American adults drink coffee?  There are many varieties of specialty coffee drinks that you can enjoy in your local coffee shop.  Many offer free Wi-Fi, lunch and breakfast items as well as entertainment on special occasions. Here are some of our favorites in Manchester, NH

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Business Planning 101:  How to Choose a Coworking Office

There are many locations, office plans and design elements that are popping up as coworking or shared office space in the state of New Hampshire.  Making a good decision about the one that is right for you can be easy if you know what to look for.  Take a look at our top 5 factors to consider when looking for coworking space.

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Tips to Theft Proof Your Apartment

Apartment living is great.  The property owner does all your maintenance, the grounds are well kept up for you and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy yourself.  There is one duty that only you can do for yourself.  That is being careful and vigilant to help protect yourself against theft.

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The Lowdown on Manchester Pet Services

The bond between humans and dogs is extremely close and is founded on loyalty. Dogs crave human affection and humans love the companionship. As adult life gets increasingly busy and full of events and work, it is important that pets get the attention that they need. Luckily here in Manchester, there are many businesses that focus on the needs of pets and the importance of social interaction. From walking and pet care, to training and dog supplies, there are many ways to keep dogs from feeling lonely while their owners are off at work or vacation. Here are just a few of the businesses around the city that offer these services. 

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The Hidden Costs of Moving Out of Your Apartment

The reality is that many people like to move.  It might be that they like change; and living in a new place is a way to achieve that.  Sometimes a move comes when a change in life occurs.  It might be a marriage, a new baby or a divorce.  Getting a new job in another location precipitates a move too.  We all get a little excited to switch things up.  But before you make the decision to move, first do your homework about the total costs of changing your apartment.

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