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How does a Non-Smoker Survive in a Smokers Apartment?

You love your apartment and your roomie!  The only problem is that the other person is a smoker.  How can you help to mitigate the smell and odors left over from smoking?    In this post we will discuss some things that you can do to keep your apartment from smelling like smoke. 

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The Lowdown on Schools in Milford, NH

Knowing about schools helps your family transition to a new locale after a move.  It especially helps parents to prepare their kids for the new school environment they will be introduced to when the family moves.  Many of Red Oak’s apartments are near schools in Milford.  Here are some insider facts about the schools in Milford, NH.

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Dining and Shopping in Milford NH

Ever wonder what has been going on in the quiet little town of Milford these days?  There are opportunities for great food and shopping in Milford, NH.  Milford has come a long way in the past decade.  A variety of new entertainment choices, shopping venues, and restaurants have opened  and put Milford back on the map! Milford is a great place to visit and to live in!

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Apartment Handyman Tip:  Keep Your Garbage Disposal from Clogging

Our maintenance technicians are happy to help when you have a work order in your apartment.  Recently we sat down with our team and talked about tips for preventing problems with your garbage disposal.  Many of the issues you might have with your disposal can be prevented with these simple tips. 

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Tour an Affordable Studio Apartment in Manchester, NH

Ron Dupont, the President of Red Oak Apartment Homes, gives us a tour of an affordable studio apartment in Manchester.  

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Expert Advice for Touring Your Next Apartment in Southern New Hampshire

Finding an Apartment is not all hard work.  In fact, it can be a fun adventure and be your path to independence.  Here are some tips that let you know what to look for when you tour an Apartment.

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