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Safety Tips for Grilling at Your Apartment

It’s that time of year!  We are all thinking about getting outside and enjoying the warm weather.  We all look forward to grilling our favorite burgers and steaks outside.  So what about grills and apartment living?  Always put safety first whenever you are going to cook outside. Here are some important things for our residents to remember when grilling at their apartment.

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Infused Water: A Healthy Way to Stay Hydrated

Summer is upon us and we should remember to keep hydrated as we pursue outdoor activities on hot days. You can make drinking water more interesting and tasty by making your own infused water. Drinking infused water is a cheap alternative to buying iced teas, sport drinks and bottled water.

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3 New Tips to Make Moving Stress-Free

Moving is something that we all encounter at one time or another and it’s best to just try to go with the flow.  However, you can try to make some plans that will make the day go a little easier.  Here are some of our newest ideas to help you make your move to a new apartment stress free.

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Red Oak Strives to Save Energy in Your Apartment Building

Apartment owners are always looking for ways to save energy and keep their operations clean and green.  Keeping energy costs down for our residents is always upper most on our agenda.  Over the past few years Red Oak has undertaken some big initiatives to help lower energy costs in our apartment buildings and to save our residents’ money in the process.  

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Red Oak Apartment Homes Acquires Manchester's Most Luxurious Apartments

Manchester’s First Skyscraper Changes Hands

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The Lowdown On Manchester Grocery Stores

Grocery shopping can be taxing and not very glamorous, but when you have a variety of stores to choose from it can make the task more interesting.   Check out the most popular and best valued super markets in Manchester and the surrounding area!

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