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Save Money When Shopping Online

There are many ways to save money when shopping on-line.  Take a look at our top 5 tips for making the most of shopping on-line.

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Cheap Ideas for Weekend Fun in NH with Your Family

Living in New Hampshire is great because there is so much to do in this beautiful state.  Outdoor and indoor activities abound and there are things to do every weekend.  Check out some of our favorite family friendly activity ideas.

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Space Saving Tricks for Your Apartment Home

Saving money and saving space go hand in hand when making your rental dollars stretch!  There are clever ways that you can make your apartment comfortable and use your space to it's fullest potential.   Check out these simple ideas that will help with Space Saving Tricks for Apartment Living.

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Safety Tips for Your Pets at Halloween

This year’s top costumes for pets are Minions and Super Heroes.  Whether your pet is a Ninja Turtle or Batman there are some tips to consider to help keep your pets safe on Halloween.

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5 Favorite Lunch Spots in Manchester

The Queen City has lots of fun activities for people to enjoy.  Some of our favorites are visiting the Palace Theater, the SEE Science Center, the Currier Art Museum or creating our own art at MUSE Paintbar.  All of these activities get your appetite going!  Here are some popular lunch spots in Manchester for you to enjoy when you are out and about.

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Cheap Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment for Fall

Bring a natural element into your room to celebrate fall and the colors it shows off.   Find a branch from a tree that has an interesting shape.  Spray paint it (outside your apt and away from cars and people) in a bright fall color.  Place the dried branch in a floor sized basket or vase.  Hang homemade ghosts, paper pumpkins or cut out black cats from the branches.  Have fun decorating your apartment and enjoy the fall in New England.

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