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Cheap Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment for Fall

Bring a natural element into your room to celebrate fall and the colors it shows off.   Find a branch from a tree that has an interesting shape.  Spray paint it (outside your apt and away from cars and people) in a bright fall color.  Place the dried branch in a floor sized basket or vase.  Hang homemade ghosts, paper pumpkins or cut out black cats from the branches.  Have fun decorating your apartment and enjoy the fall in New England.

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Late Fall Foliage is Shining Brightly!

The Red Oak Reporter was in the Lake Sunapee region this past weekend.  You will all be happy to know that the fall colors are still showing brightly!  Worried that you may be too late to view the fall foliage.  Don't worry there is still plenty to see.  In fact, the late fall foliage is spectacular!

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Fall Foliage along the Concord Rail Trails

Enjoying the rail trails in NH has been a past time enjoyed by many on foot or by bicycle.  This location lets you actually ride the rails on their patented rail bike.  The wheels of this vehicle fit on the rails and the rider must pedal to propel the bike.  It’s great exercise and gets you right into the heart of the foliage. 

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Fall and Halloween Events in Manchester and New England

New England and New Hampshire are known for many things, but one of the biggest draws to the area is the Fall Foliage during September, October and early November. You could search the world, but the best place to see the leaves changing color is right here in your backyard.  Here are some ideas for places you could go to enjoy the Fall Foliage and Halloween.

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Apartment Hunting Checklist From Red Oak's owner, Ron Dupont

Finding your next apartment can be a daunting task for anyone.  Here are some tried and true tips from Ron Dupont the owner of Red Oak Apartment Homes to help you out as you look for the apartment that is just right for you.

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Business Planning 101:  How to Choose a Coworking Office

There are many locations, office plans and design elements that are popping up as coworking or shared office space in the state of New Hampshire.  Making a good decision about the one that is right for you can be easy if you know what to look for.  Take a look at our top 5 factors to consider when looking for coworking space.

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