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Temporary Corporate Housing for Traveling Executives

More and more lodging options are available for corporate travelers.  Temporary corporate housing for traveling executives has increasingly become the preference over hotel accommodations. Read more to find out why...

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How Long Can You Stay in Short Term Corporate Housing

We are often asked, How long can you stay in short term corporate housing? How long you can stay is entirely customizable to your needs.  Let Red Oak's Corporate Housing Specialists help!

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Short Term Apartment Rentals for those Moving to a New House!

The housing market in New Hampshire is fast moving and ever changing.  As the market swings into the busy seasons, some home owners are finding that they can sell their present home or condominium very quickly but their new house is not ready for them to move into.  Don’t Panic!  There is a solution.

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Corporate Apartments for Short Term Leasing

These corporate apartments provide remote workers, traveling nurses or other short term renters a place to stay that has all the comforts of home.  It is typically a full sized apartment complete with a full kitchen, living room, private bath, closet space and the amenities that apartment communities have.

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How to find short term corporate housing in New Hampshire

How do corporations find the right short-term housing for their staff, managers, and executives?  People who are temporary workers, contract workers or traveling consultants often find that they need short term corporate housing.  Networking, Internet searches and connecting with a local real estate agent or a relocation company are all effective ways for finding the right corporate apartment rental.  Using a respected and successful apartment rental company can also be the answer. 

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