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Ski Resorts in NH

Get ready because ski season is back in session! N.H. is home to beautiful mountainous terrains, all with breathtaking views of the wintry towns below. So grab your mittens and zipper your jacket because here's a list of some of the best ski resorts in all of N.H.!

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Gift of Lights in New Hampshire

Visit the Gift of Lights in Loudon.  This is the season for enjoying traditions with your family.!!  The NH Motor Speedway hosts the Gift of Lights spectacular every winter from Thanksgiving to New Years Day.  The price is low if you bring a car load.

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A Trip Back in Time at Manchester's Millyard Museum

The city of Manchester has a rich and varied history.  For over 120 years, the Manchester Historic Association has been keeping all the treasured artifacts and stories of our city alive.  In addition to the permanent exhibits, the museum produces special exhibits every year.  The current special exhibit is called: “It’s Showtime:  A History of Manchester’s Theaters.”

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Historical Sites in New Hampshire

Calling all History buffs! Have you ever wanted to spend a day as an early New England commissioner? How about receiving an invitation to an aristocratic governor’s mansion? Could you imagine stepping foot on an island where a pirate is said to have buried his treasure? Well look no further-New Hampshire is home to some of history’s most captivating sites each with their own alluring, and some even haunted pasts.

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Finding a Hairdresser

Moving to a new city can be a little overwhelming at first. As with any change, moving means finding new grocery stores, the closest gas station and shopping mall, and of course the nearest Dunkin Donuts! Another challenge when moving to a new area is the task of finding a new hair dresser. Not every hair salon will fit your preferences and style. Here are some tips for finding the right one…

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A Trip to Walpole NH

Are you looking for a cute NH Town to visit and explore??  May we suggest a trip to Walpole NH.  This is a quaint New England town on New Hampshire's western border.

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