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A-Z Things to do in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a great state with lots of fun and exciting activities for everyone!  Check our list of things to do.  NH from A to Z!

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Summer in Boston Common: Just a Tank Away!!!

On a recent spring trip to Boston I enjoyed the beauty of the Boston Common and Public Gardens.  You can't help but feel peaceful and happy here.  The trees and flowers are in full bloom right now.

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5 Tips for a Peaceful Family Vacation

You have waited all year for your family vacation. Expectations are high and everyone has some ideas about what they want to do on the trip. How do you set yourself up for a peaceful family vacation?

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NH Beaches: Fun for the Whole Family

The summer is upon us and it is time to think about getting out of town and having some family fun!  We are lucky to live in Southern New Hampshire as the beaches are just an hour away from your apartment!  New Hampshire is home to a number of family-friendly beaches with plenty of fun activities for folks of all ages.  

Hampton Beach, located just 40 minutes from Manchester is at the top of our list!

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Hampton Beach: Activities and Night Life

Do you like a summer time get away that is not far from home?  Then Hampton Beach is the perfect place for anyone looking for a night of entertainment and endless fun. Grab a few friends, or maybe make it just you and that special someone, and head to Hampton N.H. for some laughs, memories or a feel-good kind of night.  You are lucky because Manchester is just 1 hour away from all the awesome fun! 

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Greek Food in Manchester

Can you get good Greek Food in Manchester?  Absolutely!

Last week the Red Oak Reporter went in search of lunch and landed in a local Greek Restaurant called Athens at 31 Central Street in Manchester.  

It is just a few blocks from our Red Oak Apartment Home office at 289 Pine Street in Manchester. The restaurant was cozy, quiet and the staff was friendly and helpful. 

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