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It’s Maple Sugar Time in New Hampshire!

It's time to be enjoying the end of winter and the beginning of maple sugar time in New Hampshire.  Check out our suggestions for finding some maple farms near your southern New Hampshire apartment.

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All Work and No Play Makes Millennials Dull - Connecting with the Granite State


My grandmother turned ninety years old last year. She lives by herself in the same house she has lived in for more than six decades. Her family visits her weekly and she does have an elderly neighbor that drives to the store and church every Sunday. Though she sees other people every week, my grandmother is always talking about how lonely she is. It is clear that my family and an octogenarian chauffeur are not enough human connections for her. Come to find out, my grandmother is not alone in her feelings toward being lonely and lack of human contact.

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VOTE in New Hampshire! Your Voice Counts!

No matter your politics, we encourage you to get informed on the issues and get out on Election Day. Whether you lean left, right, center, red, blue, or some shade of purple - your opinion counts! Being an informed voter - that's the Red Oak Life!

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5 Easy Tips for Getting Your First Job

You just graduated from school and now it’s your full time job to get a full time job!  Here are 5 easy tips for getting your first job.

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The Ultimate Guide to Manchester, NH

We have the pleasure of meeting people every day who are visiting the city and asking for insider info about the best places to eat, shop and have fun in Manchester.  Many of these folks choose to live in the city too.  We’ve picked out the best places for you to know about in this great city.

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Kid Friendly Ways To Celebrate Memorial Day

Every year on the last Monday of the month, we remember all those men and women who have served and are serving in the Armed Forces. How will you celebrate this year?  Introducing kids to the solemnness of this holiday can be done with care and in a manner that they understand.

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